How you can save a life. Human and animal


Like many I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the shooting in Aurora Colorado at a theater screening of The Dark Knight Rises.  Most of you know me for blogging about animal rights and saving animals.  I felt the need to write about this for several reasons.  The investigation continues into the background of James Holmes and why he would commit such a violent act.  I will give you a little insight as to why people go on killing spree’s of animals and can often lead to humans.  I am not a doctor but I am a person very qualified to give you this information.

Why am I qualified if I am not a doctor?  Some of you may know but many of you do not know that I am called in to talk to people who slaughter animals to find out the source of the desire.  Why do they call me?  I am a 41-year-old woman who for all of my life has suffered from bipolar disorder, OCD, Personality Disorder, Anxiety disorder and severe panic attacks.  I am a person who suffered great physical, sexual and mental abuse at a very early age that continued for many years.  My animals were able to get me through some of the worse times of my life.  While speaking on animal abuse and educating on animal abuse and human violence I have become pretty knowledgeable on the abuse connection.

While the investigation continues into why a person would walk into a theater and open fire and kill whoever was in their path will not talk long to unfold.  His mother is reported to telling the FBI that “They had the right person”.  That comment is why I decided to write on the topic.  You have no idea how you can save people by making a phone call or alerting doctors that they may already be seeing.  If in fact his mother did tell the FBI that they had the right person this is very disturbing.  This means that she knew something was wrong with her son and that he was capable of actually killing people.  I am happily in therapy and on medication to help me through very dark times.  I am in rescue so of course when they call me to talk to an animal murderer face to face I need to be in the right frame of mind.  My instinct is to walk in with something that could kill them and do just that.  I have to stay in control and know that it’s for the greater good to educate people as to why this happens.  We do not know if James Holmes had abused animals in his life or if he was abused or bullied himself.  Clearly he was unstable and there were signs that his mother and probably friends had also seen.  You are NOT helping someone by not reporting odd behavior, you ARE possibly putting other lives at risk.

Below is some of the symptoms that could indicate that a person has the tendency to become a psychopath.

Interpersonal traits

• Glib and superficial
• Egocentric and grandiose
• Lack of remorse or guilt     THIS IS A HUGE ONE
• Lack of empathy
• Deceitful and manipulative
• Shallow emotions

Antisocial lifestyle

• Impulsive
• Poor behavior controls
• Need for excitement
• Lack of responsibility
• Early behavior problems
• Adult antisocial behavior

In many of my interviews with some of the animal serial killers that I have encountered, control was a big part of why they hurt animals.  They were often hurt emotionally or physically in their early life that killing an animal gave them the control that they did not have at such an influential time of their life.  Often animal murderers also find a thrill of taking a life that many have said is unexplainable.  Each case is so different but yet always comes back to the same thing……Mental Instability.  So many of the people who I have interviewed displayed signs for years before the first animal was hurt.

I can only ask that if you know someone who is in need of mental help please speak up to someone.  Unless the person acknowledges that he/she has a mental problem you may want to contact someone who will encourage that person to get help.  You WILL save a life, it could be the life of the person that your concerned about.



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