How you can save a life. Human and animal


Like many I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the shooting in Aurora Colorado at a theater screening of The Dark Knight Rises.  Most of you know me for blogging about animal rights and saving animals.  I felt the need to write about this for several reasons.  The investigation continues into the background of James Holmes and why he would commit such a violent act.  I will give you a little insight as to why people go on killing spree’s of animals and can often lead to humans.  I am not a doctor but I am a person very qualified to give you this information.

Why am I qualified if I am not a doctor?  Some of you may know but many of you do not know that I am called in to talk to people who slaughter animals to find out the source of the desire.  Why do they call me?  I am a 41-year-old woman who for all of my life has suffered from bipolar disorder, OCD, Personality Disorder, Anxiety disorder and severe panic attacks.  I am a person who suffered great physical, sexual and mental abuse at a very early age that continued for many years.  My animals were able to get me through some of the worse times of my life.  While speaking on animal abuse and educating on animal abuse and human violence I have become pretty knowledgeable on the abuse connection.

While the investigation continues into why a person would walk into a theater and open fire and kill whoever was in their path will not talk long to unfold.  His mother is reported to telling the FBI that “They had the right person”.  That comment is why I decided to write on the topic.  You have no idea how you can save people by making a phone call or alerting doctors that they may already be seeing.  If in fact his mother did tell the FBI that they had the right person this is very disturbing.  This means that she knew something was wrong with her son and that he was capable of actually killing people.  I am happily in therapy and on medication to help me through very dark times.  I am in rescue so of course when they call me to talk to an animal murderer face to face I need to be in the right frame of mind.  My instinct is to walk in with something that could kill them and do just that.  I have to stay in control and know that it’s for the greater good to educate people as to why this happens.  We do not know if James Holmes had abused animals in his life or if he was abused or bullied himself.  Clearly he was unstable and there were signs that his mother and probably friends had also seen.  You are NOT helping someone by not reporting odd behavior, you ARE possibly putting other lives at risk.

Below is some of the symptoms that could indicate that a person has the tendency to become a psychopath.

Interpersonal traits

• Glib and superficial
• Egocentric and grandiose
• Lack of remorse or guilt     THIS IS A HUGE ONE
• Lack of empathy
• Deceitful and manipulative
• Shallow emotions

Antisocial lifestyle

• Impulsive
• Poor behavior controls
• Need for excitement
• Lack of responsibility
• Early behavior problems
• Adult antisocial behavior

In many of my interviews with some of the animal serial killers that I have encountered, control was a big part of why they hurt animals.  They were often hurt emotionally or physically in their early life that killing an animal gave them the control that they did not have at such an influential time of their life.  Often animal murderers also find a thrill of taking a life that many have said is unexplainable.  Each case is so different but yet always comes back to the same thing……Mental Instability.  So many of the people who I have interviewed displayed signs for years before the first animal was hurt.

I can only ask that if you know someone who is in need of mental help please speak up to someone.  Unless the person acknowledges that he/she has a mental problem you may want to contact someone who will encourage that person to get help.  You WILL save a life, it could be the life of the person that your concerned about.



OFFICIAL Lennox Campaign and Lennox Army bands


Tragedy often brings out the greed in many people.  This is nothing new and it has happened for many many years.  The death of Lennox has sadly been one of those tragedies.  Many people have used Lennox’s likeness to sell shirts and other items for personal gain.  The Barnes family issued a statement asking to not purchase from certain sites in respect of the family.

We have asked permission personally for our bands and we have received permission for the “Lennox Army/End BSL bands as long as any profit goes to a charity in Lennox name.  The Barnes family has granted permission to Ruby Tuesday Collar’s to produce “The Lennox Campaign” official bands with profits from their bands to go to DDA Watch.  We have put in an email to Victoria Stillwell’s Positively organization to ask if we may donate to the organization in Lennox name.  I have also sent a reply to the Barnes to see if they have another charity that they would like for us to donate profits to.

Right now we are taking pre-orders for the bands and hope to have them in late next week.  Production time is two weeks and 4 days to ship to us.  We will then ship out the same day if possible.  You can order through Paypal and we do have an option on quantity. There is a drop down menu for US or International.  US is $5 and International is $7.50 That does include shipping.  Any additional shipping will be covered by our non-profit No More Strays

I would encourage all who are saddened and angered at BSL around the globe to get a band  or two from each site, not only for Lennox but all who have and continue to suffer from this law.

Here in the US, I am working with many people to try to end this terrible law.  I was at a meeting and a person said to me that all Pit Bulls were dangerous and vicious.  Remaining calm, I asked him if he knew how many breeds here in the US was on the list? I ran off about 10 of the at least 75 and everyone was quiet and surprised.  Clearly education is needed to show that BSL is wrong period! Some people have no idea about Lennox or BSL.  The bands will make people ask you what they are about.  That will give you the opportunity to educate them as to exactly why you’re wearing it.

Take comfort in knowing that either of these bands are not made to exploit or provide personal gain.  Awareness is priceless and I encourage you to visit the links below to order your bands.                                         “Lennox Army/End BSL”  ” The Lennox Campaign/End BSL”

Who Is @Patricksmovment? What do we do?


Who am I and why @Patricksmovment?

My life changed mid March last year when Patrick was found in New Jersey thrown down a trash chute and clinging to life.  His story became a global one and outraged many, including myself. Many years before I would volunteer and help find transports for dogs to go to their furever home but nothing like the journey I was about to take. I volunteered to lead the Maryland division of Patrick’s Movement and help to change the animal abuse laws in my state.  That journey changed quickly when I thought going on twitter to raise awareness would be something I did in my spare time.  Once I hit twitter the anger that many had not only for Patrick but so many others like him and even worse would consume my every move.

People started asking me to help them with their laws and animals that needed rescue ASAP.  I started working many hours helping people in other states starting bills to get approved for changes in their states animal abuse laws.  I continued speaking at colleges and other venue’s to bring awareness of animal abuse and why people should adopt from shelters.

I met the Barbi Twins on  twitter and loved everything they stood for and learned about living a vegan lifestyle.  Made sense to me, now that I was helping abused goats, pigs and cattle that eating them was probably not the best idea for me.  I realized the cruelty that factory farming was creating and was so amazed how large the cruelty circle really is.  Circus animals, Seals, Dolphins, Captive Tigers, Monkeys, pigs and just about any other animal video’s started coming into my email. These were so horrific I was unable to share most of them. People who rescued dogs from dog fighting started to contact me for help on getting their dogs placed. Bait dogs were the the ones that I was asked to help the most and I did.  My life had started to get consumed with saving animals any way I could.  I started following Lennox and many like him shortly after I started the twitter.  Over a year of helping the bully breeds I started advocating for the BSL classified dogs and knew that I had to help more.  I am sort of a “I can change the world girl”.  I noticed that everytime I would try to pull a pitbull they asked me if I was non-profit? Ok well now we had to become a non-profit to be able to “pull” dogs and place them before they were destroyed.  As if I wasn’t already busy enough I decided ok let’s do it.  Talked to my husband and children who had already seen my passion and determintation who said “Let’s do it”.

Paperwork for becoming a non-profit NOT FUN!  I kept the big picture in my head and then one day everything was completed and I was now a non-profit.  We did not use Patrick’s Movement since there are still other branches in different states and I was not the original person to start the movement so it would be wrong and sleezy for me to make Patricks’s Movement non -profit.  My awesome husband designed a logo and came up with our name No More Strays.  To me the name means so many things and is not just about the stray animals on the streets but also the unwanted ones that end up in shelters.  NOW we were able to “pull” animals and place them in their furever homes.

@Patricksmovment is our base to the umbrella.  It is the one that I use the most for awareness and reaching out.  @Nostrays  (No More Strays) is what we use for donations, vet expenses for dogs in need and fundraising for organizations that we greatly believe in.  I don’t think it’s a big secret that Dogs for the Deaf is the organization that we just adore.  We did a 5k in April of this year and made $200 and we gave every penny to them.  We also did a basket bingo and donated $100 to The Thirst Project.  They build well’s in countries that would otherwise have no clean drinking water to provide to people or animals.

Our non-profit was formed in November of last year so we are still very young and are learning how to raise funds and donations so we can continue to help animals all around the world.  I started as a Maryland based organization and have become global very quickly thanks to twitter.

Sadly there are people that claim to do the right thing and end up scamming so many people that you just don’t know what to believe and who to trust.  I know because I have been scammed all in the name of helping animals and to be honest it really pissed me off! I can’t save them all I realize that, but with the help of many we can save them all together.  Spaying an neutering is the only way we will ever ever make a difference and is something we plan on working on.  We have several roads we must pave for our domestic, wild and farm animals.  I have to thank my good good friends at Inspired By Ian that encouraged me to go forward with the non-profit.  They are my sound board and I often call them when I feel like its hopeless.  One of them is pretty hellbent on changing the world herself so we make a very good team.

I ask that you help me bring awareness of the work that is ahead for “us” the animal supporters. It isn’t easy and sometimes its a task that makes you want to just throw in the towel.  Lennox and his murder that was so awful has allowed us to come together as an army of people that will not allow his murder or others like him to continue to happen.  I am proud to say I am a part of #LennoxArmy, #PatricksPatrolCrew (Patrolling cars in the summer for dogs left in the car to die.) #NOBSL and so many other’s that it would fill this entire blog.  I thank each and every person that has ever volunteered, fostered, adopted, donated, retweeted, mentioned, shared and cared because of @Patricksmovment and @Nostrays.  I take no credit for doing it alone.  We are an army and not one that will give up hope.  Thank you all. xoxoxo  Lori


Words of a dying dog….Can you save me?


Can you save me?

I am thirsty, tired, hungry and weak.  I am sore from being beat and kicked often.  The cord around my neck has cut through my flesh and I now have bugs in the neck from my wound.  I can see my family in the pool and eating outside with laughter and fun.  Why will they not help me?  I bark with what little energy I have, only to have my dad come over and kick me hard and tell me mean things.

It didn’t used to be like this you know.  When I was little they kept me inside and I even had a very special bed and collar.  I had so much love and felt like there was no place I would rather be.  One day my mom and dad had a big fight and mom left with lot’s of bags and took my human siblings with her.  I was left with dad and he wasn’t happy about that at all.  She left and he beat me really bad for no reason and put a really tight thing around my neck and dragged me out to the tree.  Everyday since then it has been really hot and my bowl of water has been left dry.

I see the people next door that come to the fence and throw food to me and I eat it as fast as I can so I don’t get in trouble.  They said they were going to call someone to help me and I couldn’t wait for them to get here.  One day the people who looked like police officers came and looked at me and said I was badly mistreated.  They took me right away to a place with a doctor who was very sad and said that he would try to save me.  SAVE ME?  Oh please SAVE ME.  He took good care of me there but said that he could not keep me at the hospital and that he would send me to the shelter where I could be adopted.

I have been here at the shelter for so very long.  I have seen so many little dogs come and leave really fast.  I have seen other’s like me go to a room and never return.  I am a good boy and I would love to have other animals like me to play with.  If you would give me a chance I promise to not pee in the house and give you a lot of love.  Don’t walk by my cage and pretend you don’t see me it makes me feel like I will never be loved again.  I don’t know what I did wrong, I tried to love everyone as much as I could and I am still here.

They took a picture of me with a silly scarf on and said I am going on the urgent list.  Please when you see my picture try not to be afraid of my scars and size.  If you give me a chance to come and love you, I will be loyal to you for the rest of my days.  Can you save me?

The Dying Dog

This is not an odd story and sadly there are many dogs that have this same story that are sitting at the shelter waiting for you to come and get them.  Many many times you hear “Adopt Don’t Shop” and I would encourage you to do just that.  The love of a shelter animal is one that is like no other. They know your there to save them and I can promise you that they will save you right back.

This weekend take your family to the shelter and ask if you can volunteer to walk the dogs or even foster!  Your one person and no you can’t save them all but the one you can save ends up saving you.  Ironic isn’t it?  xoxox  Lori

Lennox Army show the world it is time to END BSL NOW!


Dear Lennox Army,

I started the day like many of you, in tears and angry as hell at Belfast for the murder of Lennox.  Many of you know that I have been fighting animal abuse, dog fighting, animals in hot cars, chained animals, hoarded animals, abandoned animals and yes BSL.  I felt defeated this morning and didn’t want to get out of bed.  The fact that I have three pit bulls that need to be placed outside of my BSL county helped me get up.

The more I thought about it the more mad I got.  Not only at Belfast but all of the places that allow this stupid BSL ban.  I’m not defeated but I am madder than hell right now.  We speak at colleges and educate people on the pit bull and other bully breeds and why BSL should no longer be allowed.  I decided I want the world outside of social media to know that I am part of an army of people who are amazing.  Our no-profit that we raise funds for organizations that fight to prevent abuse has ordered wrist bands that should be to us in about 7-10 days.

If you would like a band please go to and order yours today.  As soon as they come in I will ship them out to you ASAP.  They will look similar to the ones we have for the Patrick’s Patrol Crew also shown on the site.  One side will read ” LENNOX ARMY” with the other side to read ” END BSL”  The band is in blue.  100% of the proceeds will go directly to the non-profit so we may continue to provide organizations and animals the support we have provided for almost a year.  We DO ship outside the US.  When you order there is a drop down menu that will give you the US or International option. This includes shipping. $5 for US and $7.50 for International.

Let’s show the world we are an army that will honor Lennox and his death by sticking together to END BSL once and for all!!  xoxoxo  Lori


A Letter To the Lennox Army


Dear Amazing Lennox Army Family,

The recent statement released from @SaveLennox released less than 12 hours before Lennox is scheduled to be killed is sadly not a happy one. This isn’t a blog meant to go over the story from the beginning but a letter to start it from the end.  As a supporter for over a year with a wonderful group of people who almost daily on twitter would say “Good Morning let’s have hope for Lennox” I write this with a heavy heavy heart and many tears in my eyes.  We have stood strong and let the world know that we will NOT allow BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)  I personally call it Breed profiling.

We wait and pray for an 11th hour miracle and here in the states, should we not receive that miracle I will have a candle lit at 2am EST for Lennox to find his way to the Rainbow Bridge to meet so many other dogs that have had to suffer death for being born a specific breed.

I ask you to grieve and mourn but to do so not with hatred in your heart for the people who murder him.  We as an army have proven that we not only make noise but can come together as a family.  This global family that we have formed is something that I am begging you on a bent knee to not allow to dissolve.  As an animals rescuer that saves almost daily and a non-profit owner that only supports positive people doing positive things I need you!  I, yes me personally I need you now more than ever please don’t give up hope. We can destroy this BSL ban together as an army.

I too sadly live in a county with a BSL ban and have been able to find homes for others like Lennox.  WE as an army can fight our States, counties and towns to end the BSL so others like Lennox do not suffer.  Lennox is our inspiration please do not allow that to change with bitterness and hatred.  Lennox will go on to save thousands if we stand strong as the army he created.

I thank every single Lennox Army member for showing me that everyday when I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up that I have to continue to save and fight for the animals that cannot fight for themselves.  You all have made me a stronger more positive person in my daily task of having to face abusers I may otherwise hate.  We are not only an army but a family and as you know as a family we go through the good and the bad together.

This next little bit is for Lennox himself so please be patient with me.

Lennox, you are an amazing friend to a family that loved and needed you more than you could ever imagine.  I am so very sorry that your last meeting with humans was one that did not allow you the gentle touch and snuggle that you so greatly deserve.  You might not realize it but there are many humans that love you and never even met you.  You are a warrior for other dogs that like you have had to experience this same coldness from humans.

If tomorrow morning comes and you happen to see a bridge where other dogs await you on the other side please go to them.  You will once again run free and no longer be a prisoner in a cell with no love.  Don’t ever forget your family and your human sister that adored you and loved your more than life.  She will never ever forget you and the love you showed her.    You might be wondering who I am and why I am writing this letter to you so let me tell you quickly.  I am one of a huge huge army that you created to help other dogs so they don’t have to be sent to the bridge early.  You have impacted my life in a positive way to show me how hard I really have to fight with your other army mates to change these laws. I love everything that you stand for and even though  never got to snuggle you, in my heart I have snuggled you more than you know.  When you cross the bridge your going to meet a dog named Ringo, he was my special boy.  Send him a little love from me and allow him to give you a little love back from me.  I WILL change laws and move mountains thanks to your inspiration.  Goodbye for now but not forever…..Lennox Army Member Lori