We can’t save them all….or can we?


I was laying in bed thinking of all of the things that I had to do tomorrow with animals.  Check on a sacrifice, look for  bait dog, try to get the URGENT animal’s adopted, sign petitions, fight against BSL, work with the states to end the use of both gas chambers and heart stick facilities, educate people on pit bulls, work on raising funds to become a 501 3 (C) and then try to enjoy Halloween with the family.  Yep pretty busy.  I also stay on call for last-minute rescue or adoption calls.

My friends and colleagues tell me “You can’t save them all”.  If the government along with each state ASPCA works to develop an inexpensive spay and neuter program for not just household pets but Ferrel cat’s then yes I think we can save them all.  It is outlandish to think that without this program they will all be saved.  Outside of the United States there are still countries that kill dogs on the street in front of everyone.  Other countries eat dogs and cats.  Sadly greyhounds and horses are sent to other countries to be eaten. We have a lot of work ahead to help these countries so they are not left with barbaric methods to control their pet population.

If you think that you are going to solve this problem overnight you will become so overwhelmed that you won’t sleep for weeks.  How do I know that?  In my head I should be able to save the animal world in a week.  The superhero to not just animals but the world.  Many nights of lost sleep and a few anxiety attacks later I know this is a long-term project that will take hundreds of thousands of people.

Cross-posting has help us save over 170 animals and we continue to save more each week.  Sadly the e mails that I receive cannot all be published due to the graphic pictures and video’s of the animals. I have watched video of abuse that haunt me day in and day out.  Someone asked me a few weeks ago why I put myself through that, It keeps me focused on how much more education is needed on animal abuse and the laws that need to be put into place.

How can you help? Continue to share not just what we do but what others that try to save animals are doing to end the abuse.  Time to time I may post something graphic but that is only to remind you of the work that still needs to be done.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the spay and neuter program. If your state has not yet implemented a low-cost clinic then you need to contact your state representative along with your ASPCA. Get involved and GET YOUR PET FIXED!

Dumping animals are at an all time high right now due to the economy.  If you know a person that cannot feed or take care of their pet please let us know.  I can promise you that we will do whatever we can to help them through their difficult time.  I can’t fix everything but I can promise that I will do my best.  Senior pets that are dumped are also at an all time high.  The most rewarding feeling that I have had is placing a senior pet back into a loving home for their final years.  Lastly if your thinking about adopting please contact your local shelter.  We also have so many animals that need a home and many are pure breeds so contact us and we will make sure you meet your new furry family member

We can’t save them all RIGHT NOW but working together we will one day be able to save them all.

xoxo  Lori


Fight for a cure


We are a few days away from the start of November and the end of cancer awareness month.  We will prepare for holiday celebrations and the start of a new year.  1500 people will die each day in the U.S and 3400 will be diagnosed.  Everyone that reads this blog will have likely known someone who has battled cancer. 

My mother lost her battle with leukemia 13 days before I turned 14.  My father survived prostate cancer but did not survive lung and bone cancer 8 years later.  My cancer marker is very high due to the amount of people in my family that lost their battle.  Knowing your family health history is so very important and I highly recommend that you keep records of your family history as far back as 4 generations.  I am not a doctor but do have a lot of experience when it comes to cancer.

Cancer does not care if you are a celebrity or have millions of dollars. All the money or fame in the world does not protect you from cancer.  It is the number two cause of deaths in both men and women.

It does not only affect humans but animals as well.  1 in 3 dogs will have cancer.  Our animal friends are also at risk for this nasty disease.  Animal rescue is hard enough dealing with abuse, neglect and abandonment but we also have to worry about cancer.

I have attached a few links that I think everyone should read about cancer in humans and animals.  GET SCREENED!  My good friend that is battling Hodgkin’s disease ignored signs and dismissed them as something else.  She almost died from fluid around her heart and lungs.  She has four more treatments and will go back for another PET scan to see if she will need additional  treatment.  Every other Friday I take her to the cancer center for her chemo. The cancer center is always full of people there for treatment of ALL ages.  It  is something that every other week makes me realize that anything I am going through is not that bad.

So as we shop for the holiday’s and go about our daily routine please continue to help fight for a cure.  Get educated and screened.  If your over 50 please get a colonoscopy.  If you have a cancer history my doctor recommends 45.

If you take nothing else away from this blog please get a physical and get an exam.  We all have pre-cancer cells.  Yes all of us do!  Wear sunscreen, get a prostate exam, feel your boobies, get that colonoscopy and get your yearly check up.

We have to find a cure!

Our good friends at Inspired by Ian have the cutest totes and  proceeds go to charity.  They are only $5!  Here is the link to order





It’s time for the Patrick’s Patrol Crew again!


While on a rescue today there was a bit of a chill in the air.  A few months ago here in the east it was hot, humid and downright unhealthy.  We saw a high number of police dogs that were left in cars only to die of heat stroke.  So many of our wonderful supporters starting paying attention a little bit more than normal to their surroundings.  People saved dogs in malls, restaurants and even the beach.  We started the Patrick’s Patrol Crew so everyone could be a part of saving lives.  On two occasions this resulted in animals being taken off of chains, removed from the house and placed in loving homes.

I hope that you are always on alert and ready to take action if needed.  We will soon have our first frost and temperatures will plummet.  There are a few worries that I have that seem to happen every year.  Anti-Freeze can kill a dog but not instantly.  The animal suffers excruciating pain  for hours or days depending on how much they have drunk.  If you are walking your pet do not ever let them drink from standing puddles.  These standing puddles can often have anti-freeze in them.

The misconception that a dog is fine in the cold because of its fur could not be further from the truth.  If your outside and cold your pet is probably cold as well.  The pada on their feet are very sensitive in both heat and cold.  Salt that is put down to keep roads and walkways from freezing is also dangerous.  A neighbor’s dog did not die but was very sick from licking their paws which had the salt on them.  Luckily the dog is fine and now when he comes in they wash his feet.  Seem like a lot to remember?  Once you have the precautions in place it really does become second nature and easy to take car of you pet in the winter.

If you see an animal that is in a car (yes cars again), roaming the streets, chained or left out in the cold for long stretches please call animal control.  If you are too far away from an animal control please call 911 and they should be able to help.  If you see a stray animal please try to secure the animal and keep it warm and safe until you can get help.  You can also contact me and we can try to get the animal safe as fast as we can.  I get calls and emails all the time for rescue support and we do the best we can as fast as we can.

Don’t think that someone else has already reported the incident.  It is better safe then sorry so make that call ASAP.  Together we have saved now 161 animals thanks to your help.  Four animals were rescued over the last two days.  Sadly dumping animals seems to be a trend and one that seems to be rising with the bad economy.  As a Patrick’s Patrol Crew member we rely on you to help us save as many as we can.

We created the Project: Patrick Patrol with Inspired by Ian so people can see that you’re helping save lives.  If you haven’t already picked one up you can order from http://www.inspiredbyian.bigcartel.com/

Project P’atrick’s Patrol

Taking the next step to save even MORE animals!


Six years ago a good friend and I flew to St. Augustine Florida to do a photo shoot for rescued animals.  Most of these animals were near death prior to their rescue.  Shortly after that I began to help other people transport animals when I could to their forever home.  This progression continued by rescuing animals before they were ever brought to a shelter.  A year and a half ago I drove to New Jersey to meet a great person who was able to do a pull for a pit mix in the middle of the night in New York right before he was to be destroyed that morning at 8:00am.  My son named him Freedom a few days before we drove up to get him.  We had him for three months and taught him manners and how to trust and love.  He is now with a wonderful family about an hour from me and living a spoiled wonderful life.  We are planning on a visit this holiday season.

Fast forward to March of this year 2011.  On one of my advocate’s page there was Patrick.  He was still near death and we were unsure if he would make it.  I sat by my computer waiting for updates.  As I consulted my crystal ball so to speak I knew that I had to save others or at least try.  First part of April was an important time for me.  I was turning 40 on the 7th, had articles published, appeared on Rachel Ray, a country wide spiritual provider company and a great family.  Most people would say that going into 40 I was where I needed to be.  Patrick and his story told me otherwise.

Animal advocates at some time or another always cross each others path.  I can honestly say that there are people that I have met in person and through social media that hold a special place in my heart because we have a common goal.  When I started the twitter movement I hoped I could meet others that cared about animals the way I do.  I have met some wonderful people around the globe! Twitter has allowed me to meet people that I would have never in a million years met.

I am sure many of you see the Urgent lists that I tweet everyday.  Those lists have the animals that are due to be destroyed the next morning on them.  That is where I saw Freedom last year.  In many cases you have to be what is called a 501 3 (C) in order to save an animal.  It is not always easy to just call a shelter and tell them you want an animal to be saved.  If the animal is sick (Kennel Cough) or a BSL animal they will only release to a 501 3 (C).  I have the privilege of knowing many people that are able to pull but they are not always available or do not have rights in a certain state.

This is where the next level comes in.  Many years people have asked me if I were a 501 3 (C).  I have asked various rescue’s if they would list me so I could use their rescue for a pull.  Hopefully rescue’s will take notice and list me.  It is time however that I become a non-profit.  Having the non-profit status will allow me to be able to pull an animal myself!  The task ahead of me is not an easy one especially when you don’t have a staff.  I put my mind to it and it will be done no matter how long that takes.

The summer months were terrible on animals this year.  So many were left in cars, outside and in abandoned houses.  We started the Patrick’s Patrol Crew on twitter.  This allows anyone anywhere at anytime to save an animal.  So many of our twitter friends saved animals this summer.  The winter is approaching and in some states the weather is already pretty cold in the evening.  Once again we will call upon you to keep an eye out for animals in peril.  A group of friends that go by the name of Inspired by Ian and I created the Project: Patrick’s Patrol wrist bands.  All of the proceeds from the bands go towards helping us save more animals.  To order please visit http://www.inspiredbyian.bigcartel.com/

Project P'atrick's Patrol

Patrick, Lennox and exotic animals in Ohio


Earlier this week in Ohio people were shocked to find lions, tigers, bears, wolves and monkey’s roaming free.  There is no law in Ohio prohibiting the ownership of exotic animals.  Terry Thompson owned and operated his Muskinghum County Animal farm in Zanesville, OH.  Mr. Thompson left gates and fences open to release his 48 exotic animals then killed himself.  Some news sources reported a large bite to his head after he shot himself.  Could this situation have been avoided?  YES! While animal rights activists lobby for a ban against owning exotic animals, this situation could have been prevented years ago.  There have been over 35 complaints against Thompson’s farm regarding abuse and neglect.

Lack of food and water were very common for these animals. Exotic animals were not the only ones to suffer.  Cattle and horses were reported breaking free and looking for food and water.  How could Mr. Thompson have ever gotten away with the cruel conditions these animals suffered in for many years?  LAWS!  Ohio to this day has some of lenient laws regarding animal abuse.  Researching information on owning an exotic pet in the US was very alarming to me.  States like Maryland have a strict ban while others like Ohio do not.  The alarming thing for me is that many states are labeled with a “L” class meaning that you can own an exotic pet as long as you license it.  WOW.  It amazes me that people often talk about pit bulls and how dangerous they are but don’t seem to even think about checking the laws to see if your neighbor can own a bear!

Lennox was granted a temporary ‘stay of execution’ until a judge can review that case further. That could take anywhere from a week to a month. Patrick’s abuser who is still waiting for her second Grand Jury date to determine if there is enough evidence to prosecute still walks free and clear.  That is breed profiling at it’s best.  I was so deeply saddened about the exotic animals being shot and killed thanks to a state that did not take action years ago to prevent it.  Central Ohio has a ban on pit bulls in various counties.  In the counties where they are allowed law states that an adult over the age of 18 must walk the dog.  If a younger person is walking the dog a muzzle must be worn.  You also need to have liability insurance of $100,000 that is a separate policy with you home owner or renter’s insurance.

That floors me that an awesome dog with pit bull associated to it is born with strikes against them even at birth.  The neighbor down the street however can have a Lion, few monkeys, cougar and bears with no ban.  We are fighting so hard to have the Breed Specific Law abolished.  Individual states determine these laws.  You have to call and write your state representatives to start changing these kind of animal laws.  Please take the time to get to know what the laws are in your state and the representative that you need to contact.

Together we can and have saved animals.  There is a strong power in numbers but the key is education.  Educate yourself on the breed and why you really do want BSL abolished.  It is the deed not the breed is more than a catch phrase.  Animals are not born bad, they are raised that way.

xo Lori

Animal’s Heal


I sit here with my dog at my feet sleeping so soundly.  When you are involved in animal rescue you see so many animals that have endured unnecessary pain, neglect and abandonment.  As humans at some point of our lives we experience this same kind of pain.

As a child I suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  My mother died a few weeks before my 14th birthday.  She suffered for many years with heart attacks, stroke, leukemia, blood transfusions panic attacks and so much more.  My father the abusive alcoholic also suffered in his childhood.  He hurt animals when he was a kid along side with his brothers. He was released from the military in 1944 from panic attacks and manic depression.

My rock was my dog Ringo. My father made him stay outside in all elements.  On one occasion his food dish was filled with maggots and his ice bowl a solid block of ice.  Ringo was my escape.  He was always there for me and when I was with him I felt a little bit of peace.  Now at the age of 40 I suffer from bipolar disorder, panic attacks, OCD, and borderline personality disorder. I am fortunate to have a supportive family who not only understands my passion for animals but fights alongside of me. When I am around an animal I feel nothing but love and kindness.

If you have ever had an animal during your time of need you should know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are going through a divorce, illness or other life trauma they give you a few moments of comfort and relief.  Perhaps I am a bit jaded from my past but I have for may years been comforted more from animals then people.  Saving an animal’s life in some ways helps restore a little piece of you that you may have lost along they way.

It has been proven that people with autism, depression and Alzheimer’s have flourished just by having access to a pet.  Animal’s heal!  So many people have asked why I don’t fight a battle for human’s.  I actually do but that would be a whole different blog.

Not everyone can adopt or foster but there are many ways to help save these animals.  Sponsoring an animal, volunteering, donating, educating, and sharing are just a few.  Six months ago we started out twitter campaign for one million followers against animal abuse and for tougher laws.  We are currently at 2100!  I could not be happier and thankful of the amount of support we have received.  154 saved animals later makes me realize that when we do finally get to one million we will be saving so many more.  Funny that I say saving them when in all actuality they end up saving us.

Fighting for Lennox and other victims of BSL (Breed Specific Laws)


Today is October 9th 2011.  In less than a week a black innocent dog named Lennox is due to be destroyed because of BSL.  Lennox is located in the Ireland and his story started 17 months ago.  A warden was called to the home to check on an expired dog license.  While there the warden claims that Lennox lunged at her and knocked her over with his jaw/muzzle.  The family stated that while there she talked to them and played with the other family pets.  Since Belfast does have a BSL law the warden measured Lennox legs and muzzle to determine if he was a pit bull but never sought professional advice.

Fast forward to last week when the judge was not satisfied that Lennox was not a danger to the public.  The only hope is an appeal based on a loophole in the law but not one on Lennox.  Lennox is only guilty of looking like a dog that is banned in Belfast.  Actor Russell Crowe and Victoria Stilwell from “It’s the dog or me” are just a couple of the celebrity supporters that have signed a petition with over 100,000 signatures.

Why is BSL wrong?  BSL is not just a ban on having a breed specific dog but a law that in many cases animals are seized and destroyed.  This is one of the many things that we fight to change.  Animal Abuse and BSL laws are created and changed on the state level.  This is not something we can march to the Capital and demand change.  This is something that we all have to fight together in each state.  Ian Somerhalder and the IS Foundation is fighting for this to be changed in Ohio which is a great place to start.  Ohio has a high number of heart stick facilities that are used for euthanizing animals.  Heart stick is inhumane and painful for the animal.  They insert one or two needles directly to the heart where they inject the drugs.  The animal does not always die quickly and often suffers excruciating pain.

Spay and Neutering is one of the only ways we can be sure that we are minimizing the number of unwanted animals that come to the shelters.  11,000 animals a day are destroyed.  Yes that is right 11,000 a day! 4-6 million each year, half if not more are pit bull and pit bull mixes.  BSL does not help these numbers at all.  We all must write to our State Representatives and ask that BSL laws are reconsidered.  We also have to be prepared to negotiate and not think just in black and white.

I rescue pit bull and bait dogs all the time so I do know that many people may have a problem living next door to a BSL dog.  When writing your state representatives and asking for a change in BSL laws be realistic.  No bans are needed but good ownership is.  A muzzle and leash laws can be implemented for the BSL dogs but destroying them is not necessary.

Lennox has a lot of support and love as he should.  He is a victim of what I call Breed Profiling.  I send prayers, love and a lot of tail wagging woof’s to him and all of the dogs that have been guilty only of being born a dog that is deemed aggressive.  I read a sign that said ” You want to kill our dogs for how they look but you let a pedophile live next door”  When it comes to animals all of the advocates like myself know it’s an uphill battle.  I am prepared for the battle.