Happy Holiday’s! More animals to be saved


Hey all,

Sorry its been some time since I made a blog post.  We have launched out nonprofit and have been working on fundraising and organizing our 5K planned on April 7th of next year.  We haven’t forgotten to continue to rescue work we have been doing all year long.  Our rescue numbers are over 220 now!

I was reminded again yesterday of the selfishness of people who I often try to forget.  My son and his friends collected food for the local food bank that has run pretty bare.  They sent out a flyer last week telling everyone that they would be by yesterday to collect the donations.  Most people were very generous and donated not just food but razors and shampoo.  One lady came to the door and my son said he was there for the donations for the food bank for people who may otherwise not have food for the holiday.  She was the rudest person I think he has ever encountered.  I was in the car with the trunk open so I was able to witness her rude selfish behavior.  She basically told him in a very very nasty way that she wasn’t doing it then proceeded to shut the door.  My son said ok thank you anyway.  We discussed her at great length yesterday. I understand times are hard given the economic crisis of the country so I didn’t expect her to raid her pantry but to not even give one can made me so angry.  My son is not a saint but I think the work he has done for animals and people speak so much louder than on selfish lady.  We haven’t begun our fundraiser for the animals and our nonprofit here in the community yet but I know one house that for sure we can count out.

Two awesome supporters that happen to be celebrities have helped me have a little more faith in people.  Stephanie Kay Panabaker and The Barbi Twins.  If you have been to visit our site you will see that the Barbi Twins have spoken out on the recent bill that was signed by Obama lifting the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S.  If you haven’t been to the site I encourage you to go there and read the article and take the poll.  The Barbi Twins also have a great website themselves http://www.thekittyliberationfront.org/.  The amount of work these beautiful ladies do for the animals keeps me optimistic that there are decent people in the world.  Kay Panabaker who you may know from CSI as Lindsey Willows is a wonderful advocate for animals.  She has been a supporter of our non-profit when it was just a dream.  Her caring kind words and loud voice for animals is something that we appreciate from her everyday.  I am pretty sure if she was not acting she may be sitting in an office doing her own non-profit work for animals.  We are thrilled that so many celebrities are speaking out about adopting and not shopping for their pets.  Their voices are loud and can reach many.

I would like to personally wish everyone a Happy Holiday and very Happy New Year.  May our friendship and relationships grow more and more everyday so that we may save over 200 animals again next year.  Your kindness and generosity will help more animals find their furever homes.  If you can donate even $1 to help us save animals that deserve a second chance please visit us www.no-more-strays.org and select the donate tab.