Lennox and BSL


I should start by saying I am not a professional writer but simply an animal advocate that has been shattered by the higher court in Belfast and their decision to uphold the killing of Lennox.  My personal opinion is that this dog has been destroyed long ago and they had no choice but to make this decision.  They were wrong from the start to take this dog away that they lable as “pit bull type dog”.  For two years he sat and I do believe personally they allowed him to fall ill and get infections.  Why do I think that?  Many pictures, a video and information from Victoria Stilwell have brought me to this conclusion.

What gives me the right to think I know about BSL?  I am a fighter for animal rights.  One that will go to the end of the earth and back to save animals.  What about all the people in the world that need help?  I help them as well I just don’t always announce it to the world.  Animals for me have always been a save haven for me through the roughest times of my early life.  While my abuse physical, sexual and emotional was taking place.  While my mother was dying and I was helpless.  If it were not for animals I might not be here today.

Lennox has become the face of Breed Specific Laws (BSL) but he is not the only one.  I hoped that he would prevail and show the world that people do the right things when all evidence is presented.  This is a sad day for so many people that fight for the rights of animals.  The face of BSL has lost his battle.  We cannot give up hope for the others that fight daily to stay alive and out of the shelter for just “looking” like a breed.

This law is STUPID period.  I rescue many breeds and have been bitten by many breeds and there is no way I would ever as for a dog to be put to sleep for looking like a breed!  Growing up the breed was German Shepard’s and Doberman Pinchers and as we can see they are good family and police dogs.  They lost that vicious stigma.  A few years later it was Rottweiler and then thanks to dog fighting (Another thing I fight daily…..Yes I said daily) the Pit bull type dog is the one that has gotten the BSL ban.  Who gives someone the right to tell me what kind of dog I am allowed to have?  If my dog is running the neighborhood attacking and eating people that is a whole other story no matter what type of breed they are.

Maryland (My state) is currently reviewing the BSL ban they recently put into action in most of the counties thanks to many of us that stand up and say “NO we do NOT accept that”  I can only hope that we stand victorious in the end.  We are only one state that has this ban, don’t worry though I am working with other states and agencies to also change the law in their state.  I work globally not just locally so any dog killed has a huge impact on me personally no matter how many times I try to not get emotionally involved.

My heart goes out to Lennox and his family and hope they can find some comfort in knows that their boy is going to be welcomed at Rainbow Bridge by so many others that will care for him, love him and not look at him as someone that is mean and vicious.

We must continue to fight the good fight and remember there are some harder days then others.  This happens to be one of those days.