Words of a dying dog….Can you save me?


Can you save me?

I am thirsty, tired, hungry and weak.  I am sore from being beat and kicked often.  The cord around my neck has cut through my flesh and I now have bugs in the neck from my wound.  I can see my family in the pool and eating outside with laughter and fun.  Why will they not help me?  I bark with what little energy I have, only to have my dad come over and kick me hard and tell me mean things.

It didn’t used to be like this you know.  When I was little they kept me inside and I even had a very special bed and collar.  I had so much love and felt like there was no place I would rather be.  One day my mom and dad had a big fight and mom left with lot’s of bags and took my human siblings with her.  I was left with dad and he wasn’t happy about that at all.  She left and he beat me really bad for no reason and put a really tight thing around my neck and dragged me out to the tree.  Everyday since then it has been really hot and my bowl of water has been left dry.

I see the people next door that come to the fence and throw food to me and I eat it as fast as I can so I don’t get in trouble.  They said they were going to call someone to help me and I couldn’t wait for them to get here.  One day the people who looked like police officers came and looked at me and said I was badly mistreated.  They took me right away to a place with a doctor who was very sad and said that he would try to save me.  SAVE ME?  Oh please SAVE ME.  He took good care of me there but said that he could not keep me at the hospital and that he would send me to the shelter where I could be adopted.

I have been here at the shelter for so very long.  I have seen so many little dogs come and leave really fast.  I have seen other’s like me go to a room and never return.  I am a good boy and I would love to have other animals like me to play with.  If you would give me a chance I promise to not pee in the house and give you a lot of love.  Don’t walk by my cage and pretend you don’t see me it makes me feel like I will never be loved again.  I don’t know what I did wrong, I tried to love everyone as much as I could and I am still here.

They took a picture of me with a silly scarf on and said I am going on the urgent list.  Please when you see my picture try not to be afraid of my scars and size.  If you give me a chance to come and love you, I will be loyal to you for the rest of my days.  Can you save me?

The Dying Dog

This is not an odd story and sadly there are many dogs that have this same story that are sitting at the shelter waiting for you to come and get them.  Many many times you hear “Adopt Don’t Shop” and I would encourage you to do just that.  The love of a shelter animal is one that is like no other. They know your there to save them and I can promise you that they will save you right back.

This weekend take your family to the shelter and ask if you can volunteer to walk the dogs or even foster!  Your one person and no you can’t save them all but the one you can save ends up saving you.  Ironic isn’t it?  xoxox  Lori


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