Positive Athletes…Do they exist?


I am sure your wondering why a person who is in animal rescue would write a blog that is not just about rescue.  Over the course of the last few years any animal rescuer, animal activist or animals lover have seen some really terrible headlines about athletes and the horrible things that they have done.  The biggest one of course is Michael Vick and the dogfighting ring.  Personally for me it may be something that I may never be 100% over.  That is Michael Vick, but what about the countless people that are busted weekly that you never hear about?  While the ring that Michael Vick was a part of was one of the largest that was reported there are others that are even bigger.  I am an advocate of Pit Bulls and bait dogs.  I help to save these dogs that have not asked to be put in the situation that they were forced to be in.  I could blog for days on the Michael Vick case but that isn’t what this is about.

I am a mother of two children.  My oldest son is 15 and eats and breathes Football, Basketball and track.  He admires the professional athletes for their talents.  He often questions if all athletes have a dark side.  This week Ex-Ravens Orlando Brown was found dead at the age of 40.  The cause of death still unknown. Sadly the question of “Did he get murdered” or Did he overdose” came up in conversation while my son and I spoke about this tragedy. When asked why he thought that he said that the media often publishes the negative and not the positive on athletes.  I have read over 7 news articles and blogs on Hines Wards being busted for DUI.  Should this be published?  ABSOLUTELY!  My complaint isn’t that they are reporting this information, its the fact that there are many athletes that are doing positive things and should be published not just in the state but nationwide.

BALTIMORE RAVENS Michael Oher has an annual coat drive every year for those less fortunate.  He takes time and works with the kids in the off season as well.

DALLAS COWBOYS Jerry Jones every year for 14 years has dedicated the half time show to the Kettle Drive for the Salvation Army.

TAMPA BAY Superbowl MVP winner Doug William, EX-Buc Shelton Quarles and Warrick Dunn have worked with Habitat for Humanity to build houses for people in need.

These are just a few players that are doing great and positive things.  I know Jerry Jones is an owner and not a player but I feel if your owner is doing good things he will make sure to try and guide you in the same direction.  While speaking to a few “experts” on this topic over the last few weeks I was told that community service is basically “required” and I shouldn’t start handing out medals anytime soon.  This is what I do know for sure.  Athletes do care about things other then what is required.  I am not a celebrity or millionaire but yet athletes have shown me nothing but love in the twitter world.  So what that is twitter many may say.  How do you know its them and not their manager?  I have to have faith that not every human being is cold and callous and does not care about anything except themselves.   I hope to work with them in the off season to help spread the word of Spay and Neuter and Adopt don’t shop.

My son admires Dwayne Wade and his life principles.  He is a positive role model across the board.  They are people not God’s.  As a woman who loves her animals and sports, I admit I cheer my team on and often yell at the television during games while I coach from the couch. The end of the day my interest is if they care enough about animals to help.  Not the “required” help but the kind they volunteer for out of the kindness of their hearts.  EX-Washington Redskin Lavar Arrington and Dallas Cowboys Felix Jones and Alan Ball have shown us love following our cause.  We welcome any and all athletes without any judgement  that care about animals to come and follow us.  You have a voice that reaches many. Help us show that YES …Positive Athletes DO exist.  xoxo  Lori


How can you get more involved with Animal Rescue?


Many people have asked me how they can be more involved with animal rescue?  That is not a one size fits all answer.  Sadly animals of all types are abused every day.  When I first began working in rescue it was just over 5 years ago.  A good friend and I flew to Jacksonville Florida to shoot a calendar for rescued abused dogs.  Three days later we had taken so many pictures that I realized that a calendar was not how I wanted to donate my services.

Over the next five years I fostered, transported, donated time and money, worked on changing laws and speaking at colleges on how animal abuse leads to human abuse.  I have a supportive family which really helps when you are in rescue.  My 15 year old son and his friends raised $2000 for the animals of the oil spill two summers ago and my 4 year old daughter often comes with me on pit rescue.  My husband holds the fort while I am rescuing and usually diverts my attention in a different direction of any animals that have been killed on the road while we are driving.

Just over 100 days ago I decide to take to twitter to raise awareness of animal abuse.  I could have never ever predicted what has happen to this point.  I have met wonderful people around the globe that helped me save over 30 dogs and cats from shelters!  Together we have saved 12 animals during hot weather from Hot car patrol with our Patrick’s Patrol Crew globally.  I know for me I will continue on this wonderful journey for years to come and hope travel the globe educating people on animal abuse.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?  You have to decide how much time you have to spend.  If you have a few hours on the weekend or in the evenings please go to your local shelter and offer to walk the dogs, bring in towels and sheets or even foster.  You would be surprised how much that will help.

If you have a bit more time then contact a rescue and find out if you can help transport a pet from the rescue to their new home.  You may also want to get on an emergency list in case of bad weather or other emergency situations. During hurricane Irene I worked with people down the East Coast to find shelter for animals that were left behind.  Keep in mind if you do decide to be on an emergency list with your local shelter and rescue make sure that you are available at a drop of a hat any day of the week.

ADOPT!  If you have the space and time I would recommend adopting from a shelter.  11,000 animals are killed daily in shelters.  Many states like Ohio have a heart stick facility.  What is a heart stick you ask? A heart Stick is just that.  They take the animal and strap them down and take two needles and basically stab them into the heart where they administer the lethal injection.  This is painful and many times it takes several minute for the animal to pass.  It is something that I personally am fighting to try to end.  ADOPT! tell your friends to ADOPT.

BE READY!  There are many supporters which is wonderful but you will need to be prepared for the people that do not support what you do.  Thick skin is mandatory for an animal rescuer.  Not everyone will share in your passion.  You will find that often you will be called a fanatic, crazy, stupid, out of control and just about anything else you can think of.  I have been called all of the above and several others.

To watch a pet get adopted is priceless.  YOU helped save that life.  The animals need you and your voice.  If you have time and do care about the animals please do what you can to help.  They animals and I thank you from the bottom of our paws!  xoxox

What 9/11 means to me…


Hello all,

I know I usually blog about the animals in need or the animals that we have saved.  I have to write this blog to share with you all my experience with 9/11.  As you all know I live in MD now but I lived in NY/NJ for over 11 years.  I was working right across from the towers on the Jersey side.  If you have ever been to NJ you know the West Side really isn’t that far from the towers.

That morning I was in at 7am as always.  We had a coffee shop in our building.  Around 9 or so people were talking about a plane hitting the towers. Of course we go outside and see fire.  I figured someone might have done a suicide mission but in a tiny plane.  Right around that time we see another figure which was the second plane.  It hit the tower and then we realized this was a something far more then an accident.

I am from the DC area and started getting calls about the Pentagon.  My son was in Kindergarten then but I had to account for our people that we had in the tower.  After about 30 minutes later all was accounted for so I jumped in the car and drove as fast as I could home.  On the route home all the fire trucks from NJ were flying in to the city as fast as they could.  All I wanted was my son.  Blowing a few lights I get home and get him.  We run upstairs to watch the TV.  We could see the towers from our apartment in the distance.

The area near where I worked was used to house the bodies that had been recovered.  It was a feeling of helplessness.  Knowing that I am on every kind of volunteer rescue squad possible I was asked to work at ground zero for 16 hours for 4 days.  I couldn’t do it with my son only 5.  I stayed on top of the rescue efforts and trying to locate the family members that were still unaccounted for.  This was very taxing on me.  I went through PTSD for months after. The next July I moved back to MD.

I have never gotten over what I went through that day but have managed to move on.  I did not lose a family member myself but the efforts that we put in was something that I will never ever forget in a million years.  I know the weather, time, smell and what I was wearing that day.

The animals that were called in to rescue were amazing.  I will work to rescue as many animals of all types for the rest of my life.  I know I can’t save them all but I will give a strong fight.

We all know where we were that day.  We will never forget…To see the second plane hit and then shortly after the towers fall will forever be burned in my brain.  I salute all military. (Animals too). The next few weeks I have never ever seen people work so close together in my life.

Why does it take a tragedy to bring us together.  If we work together perhaps we can prevent a tragedy.

xoxoxo  thanks for supporting what we do.  I promise to fight to make a difference…

How to raise a “Good Dog”


Hello all,

First I should start by saying I am not a licensed dog trainer but I have had years of experience with rescues, puppy mill dogs, and dogs that have been mentally damaged.

I have been rescuing dogs for several years.  I have seen dogs that were so afraid of people that it took me several days just to get them to allow me to pet them.  I have trained the over excited and destructive dog.  The ones that touch me the most are the dogs that have been bait dogs or fighting dogs.  An alpha dog that has run the house for a long period of time then gets a fur sibling and that is not always an easy training situation. I am putting down a few tips that has helped me and many of the people that I have worked with.

I will talk about the dog that is the alpha over you and another dog.  This also works for a single alpha dog.  There are several things that you want to make sure that you do not allow them to do.  If you have two dogs you want to make sure that you walk them together as often as you can.  This allows them to know they are a pack.  Once they have learned that important fact you will find that the fights over bones, toys or you will subside. It is important that you make sure that when you are walking them that you never allow then to walk in front of you.  I like to heal them to my right but depending on your comfort you can choose a side that works best for you.  When you leave your house make sure you exit the house first.  This also goes for your return.  Never allow the dog or dogs to walk in the house first.  YOU are the pack leader and they must learn that.

Next we will talk about food.  I always recommend that when you feed your pets that you make them sit nicely then wait for you to place the food on the floor.  They should still be in a sitting position until you give them the signal that it is ok to eat.  This again shows that you are the alpha.

Huge debate about dogs that sleep in your bed.  I admit I do not follow this rule but with future pets I would like to practice the dogs sleeping in their bed.  My dog sleeps in my bed every night.  He does know I am the pack leader but while I am telling you that they shouldn’t sleep in your bed, if you can please follow that rule.  It is yet another way to show you are the pack leader.

This should be an obvious one but make sure NO TABLE FOOD.  The exception to this rule is if there is a loose stool I do give my dog rice and it does help rid him of his loose stool.

A damaged dog or a dog that was a bait dog is a lot harder to gain trust.  If you have a dog that has been abused please feel free to contact me and I can walk you through some ways to gain trust.

There is no one size fits all with dog rules but here is a start for new dog owners or owners that are having difficulties.  Please feel free to contact me if you need additional pointers…