Project: Patrick Patrol Bands are back!


Project Patrick’s Patrol!


I am pleased to announce that the Project: Patrick’s Patrol Bands are back again this year! So many of you worked so hard to help rescue animals that were left in hot cars.  You didn’t stop there though, you helped save animals in back yards that were chained with no water or shelter.  These bands brought us all together as one big team across the globe to save as many animals as we could from the hot temperatures.  

This is April and already here on the East Coast we are expecting 91 degrees today!  I am no weather expert, but with the warm winter and already days of hot and dry weather we need to come together now more then ever.  It seems like just a little green band until you put it on and start taking action, then it is a reminder that you are part of a great group of people that stand up and take action. 

My vision for Project Patrick’s Patrol is everyone everywhere can make a difference for ALL of the animals that face abuse not just here in the United States but all across the globe.

There is an added bonus to our bands!  Inspired By Ian, an organization that if you don’t know about, then you should take the time to get to know who they are.  They are some of the post positive people that I have met and cannot express how their positivity gets me through the day on many occasions.  Inspired By Ian is on the back of our Patrol bands!  When you wear the band, your wearing it to represent all that we believe in. Please visit their site to learn more about who they are

The bands are $5 with free shipping in the US.  We will ship global to as many countries as they allow us too.

All of the people who have supported us in our rescue efforts, I am so grateful and all I can say is one giant WOOF!

Order yours today and show that you DO something for our animals in peril.