Our Live Twitter Chat information for May 9th


Hey there everyone,

Thought I would give you a little information on the twitter chat for this Wednesday May 9th and 7:00pm EST.

I am so thrilled to have the people who are scheduled to be on the chat!  If you have never participated in a twitter chat before it is really easy, all you do is tweet and use the hashtag #Animalbuzz.  Everyone that uses that can then follow the thread and ask questions or just follow to find out some great information.

@NewJerseySPCA Captain Rick Yocum will be with us and I could NOT be happier!  He makes sure that his agency is ran well and cares deeply about the animals.  Not to mention he is close to the Patrick case as well as a few others that I am sure people will be happy to hear updates on.  Patrick and his story early on was a difficult and political one, I have nothing but respect for him and his team and hope that you will join in to show him love and support.

@DogsforthePAWS is a group that brings awareness and rescue to many animals in need.  They are genuine and really have helped save many.  They will also be on hand to provide answers to questions as well as general information of some of the animals that they are working with.

@HendrickBoards GREAT group of guys!  I met them in the twitter world but quickly became friends with this group of talented and caring guys.  They will be talking about their products and how they help non-profit animal organizations.  They donate portions of their proceeds from their sales back to us as well!  Here is a link just give it a click.  If you see something you like they will donate portions of the proceeds to our non-profit http://www.hendrickboards.com/shop/square-it-collection/square-it?tracking=4f6e7de59a506

@DogsfortheDEAF Anyone who have followed us for a while knows I have a HUGE soft spot for this organization.  If I hit the lottery tomorrow I would make sure these guys were one of the first people I donated to.  The work they do is life changing and inspiring to everyone.  They rescue dogs and train them to assist people with Autism and other special needs.  That right there should speak loudly and give you another BIG reason to follow our live chat on Wednesday.  They have a few great events that they will be talking about so please don’t miss learning more about them.  If you are a fan of Betty White like we are you will learn more on how you can meet her at their benefit in August.

We will be talking a bit more about our non-profit No More Strays and the projects that we have planned this year.  We are quickly becoming a fundraising organization  and we couldn’t be happier.  We have met several people that we are pleased to call friends out there in the twitterverse.

@Inspired_by_Ian will pop in to talk about Salvatore’s Boarding house.  They are working on opening up the largest no kill facility here in the states.  They have a great cookbook that I have a copy of and 100% of the proceeds from that cookbook go to helping build this MUCH MUCH needed facility.

I hope that you will come and join us on Wednesday May 9th at 7:00pm EST on twitter using the hashtag #Animalbuzz.  Make sure to use that in every tweet so we can keep up with the questions and conversation.