Who Is @Patricksmovment? What do we do?


Who am I and why @Patricksmovment?

My life changed mid March last year when Patrick was found in New Jersey thrown down a trash chute and clinging to life.  His story became a global one and outraged many, including myself. Many years before I would volunteer and help find transports for dogs to go to their furever home but nothing like the journey I was about to take. I volunteered to lead the Maryland division of Patrick’s Movement and help to change the animal abuse laws in my state.  That journey changed quickly when I thought going on twitter to raise awareness would be something I did in my spare time.  Once I hit twitter the anger that many had not only for Patrick but so many others like him and even worse would consume my every move.

People started asking me to help them with their laws and animals that needed rescue ASAP.  I started working many hours helping people in other states starting bills to get approved for changes in their states animal abuse laws.  I continued speaking at colleges and other venue’s to bring awareness of animal abuse and why people should adopt from shelters.

I met the Barbi Twins on  twitter and loved everything they stood for and learned about living a vegan lifestyle.  Made sense to me, now that I was helping abused goats, pigs and cattle that eating them was probably not the best idea for me.  I realized the cruelty that factory farming was creating and was so amazed how large the cruelty circle really is.  Circus animals, Seals, Dolphins, Captive Tigers, Monkeys, pigs and just about any other animal video’s started coming into my email. These were so horrific I was unable to share most of them. People who rescued dogs from dog fighting started to contact me for help on getting their dogs placed. Bait dogs were the the ones that I was asked to help the most and I did.  My life had started to get consumed with saving animals any way I could.  I started following Lennox and many like him shortly after I started the twitter.  Over a year of helping the bully breeds I started advocating for the BSL classified dogs and knew that I had to help more.  I am sort of a “I can change the world girl”.  I noticed that everytime I would try to pull a pitbull they asked me if I was non-profit? Ok well now we had to become a non-profit to be able to “pull” dogs and place them before they were destroyed.  As if I wasn’t already busy enough I decided ok let’s do it.  Talked to my husband and children who had already seen my passion and determintation who said “Let’s do it”.

Paperwork for becoming a non-profit NOT FUN!  I kept the big picture in my head and then one day everything was completed and I was now a non-profit.  We did not use Patrick’s Movement since there are still other branches in different states and I was not the original person to start the movement so it would be wrong and sleezy for me to make Patricks’s Movement non -profit.  My awesome husband designed a logo and came up with our name No More Strays.  To me the name means so many things and is not just about the stray animals on the streets but also the unwanted ones that end up in shelters.  NOW we were able to “pull” animals and place them in their furever homes.

@Patricksmovment is our base to the umbrella.  It is the one that I use the most for awareness and reaching out.  @Nostrays  (No More Strays) is what we use for donations, vet expenses for dogs in need and fundraising for organizations that we greatly believe in.  I don’t think it’s a big secret that Dogs for the Deaf is the organization that we just adore.  We did a 5k in April of this year and made $200 and we gave every penny to them.  We also did a basket bingo and donated $100 to The Thirst Project.  They build well’s in countries that would otherwise have no clean drinking water to provide to people or animals.

Our non-profit was formed in November of last year so we are still very young and are learning how to raise funds and donations so we can continue to help animals all around the world.  I started as a Maryland based organization and have become global very quickly thanks to twitter.

Sadly there are people that claim to do the right thing and end up scamming so many people that you just don’t know what to believe and who to trust.  I know because I have been scammed all in the name of helping animals and to be honest it really pissed me off! I can’t save them all I realize that, but with the help of many we can save them all together.  Spaying an neutering is the only way we will ever ever make a difference and is something we plan on working on.  We have several roads we must pave for our domestic, wild and farm animals.  I have to thank my good good friends at Inspired By Ian that encouraged me to go forward with the non-profit.  They are my sound board and I often call them when I feel like its hopeless.  One of them is pretty hellbent on changing the world herself so we make a very good team.

I ask that you help me bring awareness of the work that is ahead for “us” the animal supporters. It isn’t easy and sometimes its a task that makes you want to just throw in the towel.  Lennox and his murder that was so awful has allowed us to come together as an army of people that will not allow his murder or others like him to continue to happen.  I am proud to say I am a part of #LennoxArmy, #PatricksPatrolCrew (Patrolling cars in the summer for dogs left in the car to die.) #NOBSL and so many other’s that it would fill this entire blog.  I thank each and every person that has ever volunteered, fostered, adopted, donated, retweeted, mentioned, shared and cared because of @Patricksmovment and @Nostrays.  I take no credit for doing it alone.  We are an army and not one that will give up hope.  Thank you all. xoxoxo  Lori








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