Project Patrick’s Patrol!



I am pleased to annouce that we have teamed up with Inspired by Ian on our latest project for our Patrick’s Patrol Crew!

The summer months are brutal on all animals that are left in parked cars, backyards and left to roam the streets.  I am sure by now you have seen the hundreds of posts we do asking that you go and do a hot car patrol.  So many of the awesome people on twitter and Facebook have done just that.  On a few occasions they have saved a life! I cannot express the level of gratitude from me to you.  I know that winter while hard to imagine in the excessive heat is not too far away.  That means that before long we will be doing a Cold car patrol.

We don’t just want to help domestic animals but ALL animals.  Personal for me are the seal slaughters and circus animals.  I am forced daily to educate myself by watching videos of these horrible horrible acts of abuse.  My vision for Project Patrick’s Patrol is everyone everywhere can make a difference for ALL of the animals that face abuse not just here in the United States but all across the globe.

I started with the mission of 1 million followers against animal abuse and for tougher laws.  I would have never imagined that with under 1500 followers the difference we could make.  We have saved lives by rescuing, reporting, patrolling and educating others.  Everyday we do something else that saves an animals life.  I have even fallen in love with a tiger named Tony who is trying to get to the sanctuary he deserves to live out the rest of years at.

Ian Somerhalder who I always thought was just pretty hot on tv as one heck of sexy vampire surprised me too!  His foundation the IS foundation is so amazing!  If you have not visited the website please do  His foundation is changing the world we live in not just for humans but our animal friends too. He has done something wonderful with his stardom and it makes him even SEXIER as the vampire on tv.

Inspired by Ian has the same visions that we do for our animal friends.  Please visit their blog at to see what they are all about.

Together we have come up with a little something that you can wear while out patrolling, volunteering or just going to the story to let everyone know that your part of the Patricks Patrol Crew!  In about a week or so our bands should be in!  They are green to represent Patrick who was found on St. Patrick’s Day and the lettering is in black so everyone can see that you are a Patrick Patrol Crew member! The bands will be $5 with free shipping in the US.  We will ship global to as many countries as they allow us too.

We hope we can raise enough funds that we can make patrol packages that contain collapsable water dishes, small blanket, leash and food.  Once we have the patrol packages made they will be ready to send out!

I am so pleased to be working with Inspired by Ian!!!  They are wonderful people and I could not be more blessed to have them in my corner.

All of the people who have supported me since day one and continue to do so I am so greatful and all I can say is one giant WOOF!

Ordering the bands can be done through Inspired by Ian.  If you visit their site all of the information should be listed.  We hope to have them in within a week or two….