OFFICIAL Lennox Campaign and Lennox Army bands


Tragedy often brings out the greed in many people.  This is nothing new and it has happened for many many years.  The death of Lennox has sadly been one of those tragedies.  Many people have used Lennox’s likeness to sell shirts and other items for personal gain.  The Barnes family issued a statement asking to not purchase from certain sites in respect of the family.

We have asked permission personally for our bands and we have received permission for the “Lennox Army/End BSL bands as long as any profit goes to a charity in Lennox name.  The Barnes family has granted permission to Ruby Tuesday Collar’s to produce “The Lennox Campaign” official bands with profits from their bands to go to DDA Watch.  We have put in an email to Victoria Stillwell’s Positively organization to ask if we may donate to the organization in Lennox name.  I have also sent a reply to the Barnes to see if they have another charity that they would like for us to donate profits to.

Right now we are taking pre-orders for the bands and hope to have them in late next week.  Production time is two weeks and 4 days to ship to us.  We will then ship out the same day if possible.  You can order through Paypal and we do have an option on quantity. There is a drop down menu for US or International.  US is $5 and International is $7.50 That does include shipping.  Any additional shipping will be covered by our non-profit No More Strays

I would encourage all who are saddened and angered at BSL around the globe to get a band  or two from each site, not only for Lennox but all who have and continue to suffer from this law.

Here in the US, I am working with many people to try to end this terrible law.  I was at a meeting and a person said to me that all Pit Bulls were dangerous and vicious.  Remaining calm, I asked him if he knew how many breeds here in the US was on the list? I ran off about 10 of the at least 75 and everyone was quiet and surprised.  Clearly education is needed to show that BSL is wrong period! Some people have no idea about Lennox or BSL.  The bands will make people ask you what they are about.  That will give you the opportunity to educate them as to exactly why you’re wearing it.

Take comfort in knowing that either of these bands are not made to exploit or provide personal gain.  Awareness is priceless and I encourage you to visit the links below to order your bands.                                         “Lennox Army/End BSL”  ” The Lennox Campaign/End BSL”


3 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Lennox Campaign and Lennox Army bands

  1. shared. so devastated about Lennox- never, ever forget! And never stop fighting to end discrimination. Having experienced extreme discrimination in my own life at a young age and having had my dog SHOT by a breedist/crazy neighbor simply for being the breed he is (ironically, he is a hybrid, not a purebred!), I can relate fully to how horrible the effects of such attitudes and behaviors are. To validate such hatred and fear with legal sanctions like BSL is an atrocity and takes even more humanity out of life than already has been sucked away. We all deserve an equal chance! Thanks for the blog 🙂

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