The Project Patrick Totes Are Ready For Order!!!


Hello all!

I am so excited to announce that our ‘Project Patrick’ Totes from Thirty-One Gifts are finally ready for order.

Ordering is very easy.  Go to , click on “Place an Order”, you will see my name – Lori Wheeler, click on “Shop Now”. You will then see “Event Details”, click on “Shop Now” again. The “Organizing Utility Tote” item #3105 in Black with ‘Project Patrick’ in font size 15 in lime green is the tote they have agreed to give us the proceeds for.

Thirty-One Gifts also has tons of other awesome stuff to order and I highly recommend going through the online catalog.  I have ordered a lot of Thirty-one for Christmas and birthday presents.

All proceeds from the ‘Project Patrick’ Tote will go toward saving more animals lives by enabling us to provide our rescue packs, promoting animal safety and rescue efforts and by donating to no-kill animal shelters and various charities nationwide.

So many of you ordered the ‘Project: Patrick’s Patrol’ wristbands and donated leashes, food, bowls and blankets that we can send you a full rescue kit! Once you place your order for the tote, I will then ship a leash, bowl, blanket or towel and food directly to you, free of charge, within the U.S.

The goal is to have you prepared to rescue an animal in any dire situation.  The tote will allow you to keep in all the supplies in one sturdy and waterproof place.