Lennox and BSL


I should start by saying I am not a professional writer but simply an animal advocate that has been shattered by the higher court in Belfast and their decision to uphold the killing of Lennox.  My personal opinion is that this dog has been destroyed long ago and they had no choice but to make this decision.  They were wrong from the start to take this dog away that they lable as “pit bull type dog”.  For two years he sat and I do believe personally they allowed him to fall ill and get infections.  Why do I think that?  Many pictures, a video and information from Victoria Stilwell have brought me to this conclusion.

What gives me the right to think I know about BSL?  I am a fighter for animal rights.  One that will go to the end of the earth and back to save animals.  What about all the people in the world that need help?  I help them as well I just don’t always announce it to the world.  Animals for me have always been a save haven for me through the roughest times of my early life.  While my abuse physical, sexual and emotional was taking place.  While my mother was dying and I was helpless.  If it were not for animals I might not be here today.

Lennox has become the face of Breed Specific Laws (BSL) but he is not the only one.  I hoped that he would prevail and show the world that people do the right things when all evidence is presented.  This is a sad day for so many people that fight for the rights of animals.  The face of BSL has lost his battle.  We cannot give up hope for the others that fight daily to stay alive and out of the shelter for just “looking” like a breed.

This law is STUPID period.  I rescue many breeds and have been bitten by many breeds and there is no way I would ever as for a dog to be put to sleep for looking like a breed!  Growing up the breed was German Shepard’s and Doberman Pinchers and as we can see they are good family and police dogs.  They lost that vicious stigma.  A few years later it was Rottweiler and then thanks to dog fighting (Another thing I fight daily…..Yes I said daily) the Pit bull type dog is the one that has gotten the BSL ban.  Who gives someone the right to tell me what kind of dog I am allowed to have?  If my dog is running the neighborhood attacking and eating people that is a whole other story no matter what type of breed they are.

Maryland (My state) is currently reviewing the BSL ban they recently put into action in most of the counties thanks to many of us that stand up and say “NO we do NOT accept that”  I can only hope that we stand victorious in the end.  We are only one state that has this ban, don’t worry though I am working with other states and agencies to also change the law in their state.  I work globally not just locally so any dog killed has a huge impact on me personally no matter how many times I try to not get emotionally involved.

My heart goes out to Lennox and his family and hope they can find some comfort in knows that their boy is going to be welcomed at Rainbow Bridge by so many others that will care for him, love him and not look at him as someone that is mean and vicious.

We must continue to fight the good fight and remember there are some harder days then others.  This happens to be one of those days.



Our Live Twitter Chat information for May 9th


Hey there everyone,

Thought I would give you a little information on the twitter chat for this Wednesday May 9th and 7:00pm EST.

I am so thrilled to have the people who are scheduled to be on the chat!  If you have never participated in a twitter chat before it is really easy, all you do is tweet and use the hashtag #Animalbuzz.  Everyone that uses that can then follow the thread and ask questions or just follow to find out some great information.

@NewJerseySPCA Captain Rick Yocum will be with us and I could NOT be happier!  He makes sure that his agency is ran well and cares deeply about the animals.  Not to mention he is close to the Patrick case as well as a few others that I am sure people will be happy to hear updates on.  Patrick and his story early on was a difficult and political one, I have nothing but respect for him and his team and hope that you will join in to show him love and support.

@DogsforthePAWS is a group that brings awareness and rescue to many animals in need.  They are genuine and really have helped save many.  They will also be on hand to provide answers to questions as well as general information of some of the animals that they are working with.

@HendrickBoards GREAT group of guys!  I met them in the twitter world but quickly became friends with this group of talented and caring guys.  They will be talking about their products and how they help non-profit animal organizations.  They donate portions of their proceeds from their sales back to us as well!  Here is a link just give it a click.  If you see something you like they will donate portions of the proceeds to our non-profit http://www.hendrickboards.com/shop/square-it-collection/square-it?tracking=4f6e7de59a506

@DogsfortheDEAF Anyone who have followed us for a while knows I have a HUGE soft spot for this organization.  If I hit the lottery tomorrow I would make sure these guys were one of the first people I donated to.  The work they do is life changing and inspiring to everyone.  They rescue dogs and train them to assist people with Autism and other special needs.  That right there should speak loudly and give you another BIG reason to follow our live chat on Wednesday.  They have a few great events that they will be talking about so please don’t miss learning more about them.  If you are a fan of Betty White like we are you will learn more on how you can meet her at their benefit in August.

We will be talking a bit more about our non-profit No More Strays and the projects that we have planned this year.  We are quickly becoming a fundraising organization  and we couldn’t be happier.  We have met several people that we are pleased to call friends out there in the twitterverse.

@Inspired_by_Ian will pop in to talk about Salvatore’s Boarding house.  They are working on opening up the largest no kill facility here in the states.  They have a great cookbook that I have a copy of and 100% of the proceeds from that cookbook go to helping build this MUCH MUCH needed facility.

I hope that you will come and join us on Wednesday May 9th at 7:00pm EST on twitter using the hashtag #Animalbuzz.  Make sure to use that in every tweet so we can keep up with the questions and conversation.


Project: Patrick Patrol Bands are back!


Project Patrick’s Patrol!


I am pleased to announce that the Project: Patrick’s Patrol Bands are back again this year! So many of you worked so hard to help rescue animals that were left in hot cars.  You didn’t stop there though, you helped save animals in back yards that were chained with no water or shelter.  These bands brought us all together as one big team across the globe to save as many animals as we could from the hot temperatures.  

This is April and already here on the East Coast we are expecting 91 degrees today!  I am no weather expert, but with the warm winter and already days of hot and dry weather we need to come together now more then ever.  It seems like just a little green band until you put it on and start taking action, then it is a reminder that you are part of a great group of people that stand up and take action. 

My vision for Project Patrick’s Patrol is everyone everywhere can make a difference for ALL of the animals that face abuse not just here in the United States but all across the globe.

There is an added bonus to our bands!  Inspired By Ian, an organization that if you don’t know about, then you should take the time to get to know who they are.  They are some of the post positive people that I have met and cannot express how their positivity gets me through the day on many occasions.  Inspired By Ian is on the back of our Patrol bands!  When you wear the band, your wearing it to represent all that we believe in. Please visit their site to learn more about who they are http://inspiredbyian.org

The bands are $5 with free shipping in the US.  We will ship global to as many countries as they allow us too.

All of the people who have supported us in our rescue efforts, I am so grateful and all I can say is one giant WOOF!

Order yours today and show that you DO something for our animals in peril.



Happy to announce our partnerships!


We are happy to announce that Hendricks Boards and No More Strays have formed a partnership!  The next two weeks will be a busy one for our non profit.  We have our first annual 5K scheduled for April 7th.  Portions of those proceeds will go to http://www.dogsforthedeaf.org/ so they may continue to do the amazing work that they have done for many years.  Your donations and race registrations are an important part of those proceeds.  Please visit our website to donate or register for the sleep in option for the 5K.  You can register for that option anywhere in the country. www.no-more-strays.org

We have also teamed up with Hendrick Boards out of Orange County California.  For every shirt purchased in the next two weeks $10 goes directly to No More Strays.  Please follow this link to order your shirt and learn a little more about the great work they do.  We love them! http://www.hendrickboards.com/shop/square-it-collection/square-it?tracking=4f6e7de59a506

Thanks to your retweets, mentions and facebook posts we have saved 87 animals so far this year!  We have some amazing people that we work with around the globe that help us as soon as we post an animal in need.  THANK YOU for helping us make a difference!!! 

My 41st birthday happens to be the same day as the 5K on April 7th.  My birthday wish is for donations for our non-profit.  www.no-more-strays.org so that we may continue to save.  I can’t think of a better birthday present then saving lives of animals.

Happy Holiday’s! More animals to be saved


Hey all,

Sorry its been some time since I made a blog post.  We have launched out nonprofit and have been working on fundraising and organizing our 5K planned on April 7th of next year.  We haven’t forgotten to continue to rescue work we have been doing all year long.  Our rescue numbers are over 220 now!

I was reminded again yesterday of the selfishness of people who I often try to forget.  My son and his friends collected food for the local food bank that has run pretty bare.  They sent out a flyer last week telling everyone that they would be by yesterday to collect the donations.  Most people were very generous and donated not just food but razors and shampoo.  One lady came to the door and my son said he was there for the donations for the food bank for people who may otherwise not have food for the holiday.  She was the rudest person I think he has ever encountered.  I was in the car with the trunk open so I was able to witness her rude selfish behavior.  She basically told him in a very very nasty way that she wasn’t doing it then proceeded to shut the door.  My son said ok thank you anyway.  We discussed her at great length yesterday. I understand times are hard given the economic crisis of the country so I didn’t expect her to raid her pantry but to not even give one can made me so angry.  My son is not a saint but I think the work he has done for animals and people speak so much louder than on selfish lady.  We haven’t begun our fundraiser for the animals and our nonprofit here in the community yet but I know one house that for sure we can count out.

Two awesome supporters that happen to be celebrities have helped me have a little more faith in people.  Stephanie Kay Panabaker and The Barbi Twins.  If you have been to visit our site you will see that the Barbi Twins have spoken out on the recent bill that was signed by Obama lifting the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S.  If you haven’t been to the site I encourage you to go there and read the article and take the poll.  The Barbi Twins also have a great website themselves http://www.thekittyliberationfront.org/.  The amount of work these beautiful ladies do for the animals keeps me optimistic that there are decent people in the world.  Kay Panabaker who you may know from CSI as Lindsey Willows is a wonderful advocate for animals.  She has been a supporter of our non-profit when it was just a dream.  Her caring kind words and loud voice for animals is something that we appreciate from her everyday.  I am pretty sure if she was not acting she may be sitting in an office doing her own non-profit work for animals.  We are thrilled that so many celebrities are speaking out about adopting and not shopping for their pets.  Their voices are loud and can reach many.

I would like to personally wish everyone a Happy Holiday and very Happy New Year.  May our friendship and relationships grow more and more everyday so that we may save over 200 animals again next year.  Your kindness and generosity will help more animals find their furever homes.  If you can donate even $1 to help us save animals that deserve a second chance please visit us www.no-more-strays.org and select the donate tab.



WOO HOO Actually its 201!  After 7 months of joining twitter and Facebook as Patricksmovment we have managed to save OVER 200 animals!  We have not done this on our own.  All of our supporters have helped us by adopting, volunteering, fostering and spreading the word.  This is a victory for all of us  (Virtual Drinks for all)!

We are going to be announcing the name of our non-profit organization very soon.  We will be fundraising for various rescue organizations as well as continuing the work that we do ever day of the year.

I am keeping this one very short but VERY sweet.  We started with a mission of 1 million followers on twitter.  A week into twitter I knew that we could do more than just be a number.  Guess we could be like some of the celebs that have millions of followers and that will be awesome when we one day get there but the 2302 people on twitter alone that support us helped to save 201 animals so far!  That alone makes me feel like animal supporters should all have millions of followers, trend, and be verified.  A really nice celeb that I speak to on Facebook told me that the work that we do is way more important then worrying about a blue check mark.  Today that was confirmed by knowing that 201 animals are safe.  Yep I feel extremely verified!

There is a close circle of new friends that I speak to everyday on twitter that retweet, mention and #FF us.  You guys have helped me stay focused even when I was so depressed by the number of animal abuse victims I had seen that day.  Inspired By Ian you guys gave us the strength and determination to go non-profit and Kay Panabaker your love and support from your retweets have made a big difference.  Julie Benz, Mackenzie Phillips and Barbi Twins I am so appreciative of your early support before we had any numbers at all.  To my morning Save Lennox friends I smile every morning because of our little group.  We also have athlete’s that follow us to show that they care too.  Shannon Gross for letting me have a fun Sunday break every week. If I didn’t have you to worry to death about football, Sunday just wouldn’t be the same.

I hope that you will all continue to support us when we launch our non-profit organization!


The importance of grieving


This is going to be a very different then my usual animal based blog.  My son had a dear friend that was killed two months ago in a car accident.  He was 15 years old just like my son and had a promising future.  Fast forward one month to a student that graduated last year came home from college and shot himself in the head in his back yard.  His brother who came home off the bus made the discovery on his own.

Our small town has been turned upside down leaving a lot of grief in its path.  Tonight my son attended a grief counseling group with other peers his age that have had a hard time getting through this terrible time.  I came in during the last 15 minutes.  I realize how moving and helpful this group is.  The boy who shot himself was rumored to have been bullied which only makes it harder for some of the kids that are bullied in our schools.

We think of a grief counseling group for people who pass away.  While I was there I realize that grief hits us all in so many different ways and for so many different reasons.  Many people grieve their parent that may have left them when they were just a child.  Grieve for a pet that has passed away or grieve for people who are struck by natural disasters and tragedy.  In my opinion people who hurt or abuse animals and people have not allowed themselves a grieved process from something terrible that has happened in their life.

This may be the biggest part of me that I allow the public that I don’t know to see but I feel that is important for others that may be feeling the same way.  I was molested as a child and to this day I grieve for the death of that child.  That part of me that I lost forever and will never get back.  It happened over 25 years ago but I am still in a grieving process.  That part of me is forever gone. You have to allow yourself the 5 stages of grief.  If you don’t you will find yourself angry, destructive, lonely and empty.  I encourage everyone who has ever had any tragedy or death to go through these stages.  No you can’t skip 2 or 3 of them you must go through them all in order to not be a person that may never find peace.

-Denial-“this can’t be happening to me”, looking for the former spouse in familiar places, or if it is death, setting the table for the person or acting as if they are still in living there. No crying. Not accepting or even acknowledging the loss.

2-Anger-“why me?”, feelings of wanting to fight back or get even with spouse of divorce, for death, anger at the deceased, blaming them for leaving.

3-Bargaining-bargaining often takes place before the loss. Attempting to make deals with the spouse who is leaving, or attempting to make deals with God to stop or change the loss. Begging, wishing, praying for them to come back.

4-Depression-overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, frustration, bitterness, self-pity, mourning loss of person as well as the hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Feeling lack of control, feeling numb. Perhaps feeling suicidal.

5-Acceptance-there is a difference between resignation and acceptance. You have to accept the loss, not just try to bear it quietly. Realization that it takes two to make or break a marriage. Realization that the person is gone (in death) that it is not their fault, they didn’t leave you on purpose. (even in cases of suicide, often the deceased person, was not in their right frame of mind) Finding the good that can come out of the pain of loss, finding comfort and healing. Our goals turn toward personal growth. Stay with fond memories of person.