Lennox Army show the world it is time to END BSL NOW!


Dear Lennox Army,

I started the day like many of you, in tears and angry as hell at Belfast for the murder of Lennox.  Many of you know that I have been fighting animal abuse, dog fighting, animals in hot cars, chained animals, hoarded animals, abandoned animals and yes BSL.  I felt defeated this morning and didn’t want to get out of bed.  The fact that I have three pit bulls that need to be placed outside of my BSL county helped me get up.

The more I thought about it the more mad I got.  Not only at Belfast but all of the places that allow this stupid BSL ban.  I’m not defeated but I am madder than hell right now.  We speak at colleges and educate people on the pit bull and other bully breeds and why BSL should no longer be allowed.  I decided I want the world outside of social media to know that I am part of an army of people who are amazing.  Our no-profit that we raise funds for organizations that fight to prevent abuse has ordered wrist bands that should be to us in about 7-10 days.

If you would like a band please go to http://www.no-more-strays.org/no-more-strays-shop.php and order yours today.  As soon as they come in I will ship them out to you ASAP.  They will look similar to the ones we have for the Patrick’s Patrol Crew also shown on the site.  One side will read ” LENNOX ARMY” with the other side to read ” END BSL”  The band is in blue.  100% of the proceeds will go directly to the non-profit so we may continue to provide organizations and animals the support we have provided for almost a year.  We DO ship outside the US.  When you order there is a drop down menu that will give you the US or International option. This includes shipping. $5 for US and $7.50 for International.

Let’s show the world we are an army that will honor Lennox and his death by sticking together to END BSL once and for all!!  xoxoxo  Lori



10 thoughts on “Lennox Army show the world it is time to END BSL NOW!

  1. Lori, reading your words made me want to instantly share until I got the the product push. Have you read the families comment about this? Just in case you have not I will post it here. I am SURE the family would give you permission, so when they do can you let me know please, and I will push this with all of my might.

    “This is from the Barnes Family. Please take note of what it says!!!

    ****LENNOX…. It has come to light that some people are quite arrogantly trying to cash in in our boy. We have NOT permitted anyone to use Lennoxs name, photo, campaign in order to customize or sell items for profit or charity. Please do not buy any Lennox or I am Lennox items from any CAFEPRESS or internet pages as we have NOT permitted it and cannot assure monies will go to any charities these people claim to donate to. Pls share.”

    • I sent an email to them today and contacted them via twitter. Also left a message for Victoria Stilwell. We are doing this as an awareness campaign and our non-profit No More Strays is covering any shipping of International orders not covered in purchase of band. I am awaiting their reply but I have been part of the Lennox Army for over a year. Lennox Army is a strong one and glad I am part of it. xoxo Lori

  2. BSL is evil. We all need to fight it wherever and whenever it raises it’s ugly head. Target those who destroy any dogs chance to have a happy life by their ill treatment or neglect. Its bad owners who need legislating against, not dogs who don’t have any say in how they’re raised.

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