A Letter To the Lennox Army


Dear Amazing Lennox Army Family,

The recent statement released from @SaveLennox released less than 12 hours before Lennox is scheduled to be killed is sadly not a happy one. This isn’t a blog meant to go over the story from the beginning but a letter to start it from the end.  As a supporter for over a year with a wonderful group of people who almost daily on twitter would say “Good Morning let’s have hope for Lennox” I write this with a heavy heavy heart and many tears in my eyes.  We have stood strong and let the world know that we will NOT allow BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)  I personally call it Breed profiling.

We wait and pray for an 11th hour miracle and here in the states, should we not receive that miracle I will have a candle lit at 2am EST for Lennox to find his way to the Rainbow Bridge to meet so many other dogs that have had to suffer death for being born a specific breed.

I ask you to grieve and mourn but to do so not with hatred in your heart for the people who murder him.  We as an army have proven that we not only make noise but can come together as a family.  This global family that we have formed is something that I am begging you on a bent knee to not allow to dissolve.  As an animals rescuer that saves almost daily and a non-profit owner that only supports positive people doing positive things I need you!  I, yes me personally I need you now more than ever please don’t give up hope. We can destroy this BSL ban together as an army.

I too sadly live in a county with a BSL ban and have been able to find homes for others like Lennox.  WE as an army can fight our States, counties and towns to end the BSL so others like Lennox do not suffer.  Lennox is our inspiration please do not allow that to change with bitterness and hatred.  Lennox will go on to save thousands if we stand strong as the army he created.

I thank every single Lennox Army member for showing me that everyday when I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up that I have to continue to save and fight for the animals that cannot fight for themselves.  You all have made me a stronger more positive person in my daily task of having to face abusers I may otherwise hate.  We are not only an army but a family and as you know as a family we go through the good and the bad together.

This next little bit is for Lennox himself so please be patient with me.

Lennox, you are an amazing friend to a family that loved and needed you more than you could ever imagine.  I am so very sorry that your last meeting with humans was one that did not allow you the gentle touch and snuggle that you so greatly deserve.  You might not realize it but there are many humans that love you and never even met you.  You are a warrior for other dogs that like you have had to experience this same coldness from humans.

If tomorrow morning comes and you happen to see a bridge where other dogs await you on the other side please go to them.  You will once again run free and no longer be a prisoner in a cell with no love.  Don’t ever forget your family and your human sister that adored you and loved your more than life.  She will never ever forget you and the love you showed her.    You might be wondering who I am and why I am writing this letter to you so let me tell you quickly.  I am one of a huge huge army that you created to help other dogs so they don’t have to be sent to the bridge early.  You have impacted my life in a positive way to show me how hard I really have to fight with your other army mates to change these laws. I love everything that you stand for and even though  never got to snuggle you, in my heart I have snuggled you more than you know.  When you cross the bridge your going to meet a dog named Ringo, he was my special boy.  Send him a little love from me and allow him to give you a little love back from me.  I WILL change laws and move mountains thanks to your inspiration.  Goodbye for now but not forever…..Lennox Army Member Lori


140 thoughts on “A Letter To the Lennox Army

  1. Joy Austin

    Lennox you will meet Rufus, Teddy, Cussy and Armstrong. They will be there with balls and sticks in their mouths ready to play with you. They are my angels, and you will be amongst them. I fought for you but not enough. I am so sorry. Joy, Lennox Army member. XX

    • Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman

      Dear Joy – Like you I am so shocked, angry and so terribly sad for Lennox and for his family. I went to bed very late last night in Toronto, Canada after watching the candlelight vigil outside the Belfast courthouse, still believing that those in power would make the right choice…. In the days ahead, I plan to write to the Barnes family to share my sympathy and to tell them how much I admire their spirit and determination and love. They never gave up and they have been so dignified throughout this whole painful process. I can’t begin in any way to imagine how much this has damaged their souls and their faith, and their belief in their own country and in justice. I also plan to write to those who seized and imprisoned Lennox, those who judged him as unpredicable and aggressive, when he was only protecting his home and family and, then later, reacting to his removal, isolation and deprivation. I also plan to write to all who drafted and passed and upheld the laws that allowed all of this to happen. And to those who had the power to stop it, including the Queen. While time must pass as this forever scarred family tries to pick up the pieces and adjust, I do believe that, at some point, they will invite all of us to rally and fight against the injustice that allowed all of this to happen, that allowed Lennox to be seized, detained, imprisoned, isolated and executed. If there is any good to come of any of this, then today, we should all make a commitment to Lennox and to the Barnes family that we will all join them and support them to ensure that Lennox is the last dog to be racially profiled, kidnapped, confined, and murdered.

      Peace and hugs, Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman

  2. Susan Hoch

    Lori…a beautiful and moving letter that has brought me to tears for a dog I never knew, but learned to love through the internet. I still believe in miracles….FREE LENNOX!

  3. Karen

    What a great tribute to an army of people and Lennox. Your words brought me to tears. Also Lennox my Buddy dog will be waiting also to show you the ropes….I too am hoping for a miracle…PLEASE

  4. Carrie H.

    At 2 am, I will be preparing to go to work with a broken heart and tears in my eyes. I understand what you are saying, but cannot keep the wall of hate from growing in my heart. I pray for Lennox, his family and even myself- lest this hate destroy me too.

  5. Julia

    There must be a Lennox law. This innocent, like so many before, will not be lost but gone before. I hope, one day, we will have the good fortune to meet him and show him all the love he missed. We are devastated and heartbroken at yet another ignorant, unjust and cruel decision. The whole world will weep.

  6. Karin C

    Sobbing my heart out having read this and trying to accept what might be about to happen. I know exactly what you are saying, and as sad and heartbreaking as this is, whatever happens, we must use this as a platform, in Len’s memory, to rid our society of BSL.

    Lennox I too have snuggled you from afar…. you are more loved than BCC have ever let you know. x

  7. I will continue to fight, and help in all ways possible! Lennox, you are such a brave, friendly and inspirational dog! I hope that after two years of being kept in a cruel condition, that you are finally happy, don’t forget you human family, You will forever be in their and our hearts! ❤
    End bsl, and try to help save other dogs like Lennox!

    x ❤ x

  8. The whole idea of banning Any dog is so unbelievable to me..It’s people who abuse these animals that need to be banned, and made to live away from normal folks, or maybe just spend a nickle and put these people out of our misery..

  9. Laura Davis

    My heart is so very heavy over this. I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not super angry about this. But I agree with you, we don’t need to cloud the cause of Lennox with hatred. My prayers are with his family. I pray God comforts them through this.

  10. Sharon Dodd

    we can only hope * as you noted this is breed profiling and no more right the racial or religious profiling * i would not visit Belfast if i had a free ride there from the people willing to kill an innocent animal because of his breed or just because he looks similar to the * i feel for the family and for those who stand with Lennox and for Lennox ** i would take him in a heart beat if given the chance as he deserves as much love as he gives to those who love him ** bless this child and i do mean child as my Sadie is like my child and love as much as i love my children and grandchildren

  11. Joanne

    God bless you. I totally agree. I live in the uk. I watched a documentary about this. A vet put a pit bull to sleep whilst cuddling him, he was so friendly. He was murdered because of his breed. When can we stop this stupidity. With responsible owners these are just normal dogs. I have a Staffordshire bull terrier. She is adorable and so friendly. From all of us dog lovers, I pray for a pardon for this innocent animal.

  12. LeeAnn Joseph

    I agree with your blog. I’ve posted on my facebook wall that all should contact their local representative and protest against BSL. If nothing else,let’s not let the poor dog’s death be in vain. Not sure what else I can do to further the cause, but am open to suggestions. We with knowledge know it is the owner and not the breed.

  13. Liz

    sweet jesus such powerful words. Im in floods of tears. Lennox whatever your destiny is you will always be the patron saint of stamping out BSL. I love you Lennox as I do our Patrick. Two dogs united one for justice, one for injustice. Im praying you will be with us for a long time but I guess by now you are so broken hearted. I wont say goodbye Lennox not yet just know you have world wide love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Laura

    This is so touching but so lovely! MAde me cry! I hope whatever the outcome is that things change so other innocent dogs in the future dont suffer like Lennox and his family. This story has to changed me and my opinions on BSL x

  15. I can’t belive that after all the support for Lennox this decision can’t be overturned bcc are a joke they r all evil and have now heart I’m sorry if Im speaking out of turn but I fill very strongly about this and it’s breaking my heart and I know more than most on pitbulls as my puppy was killed by one over 20 years ago but you can’t judge them all the same u wouldn’t judge all humans on one bad one so why a dog but there isn’t even any evidence that Lennox is a pitbull and even if he was he as not ever hurt anyone and his family have done all they need to do so bcc should be thinking long and hard in my view I just hope the person who is letting this happen can sleep at night x

  16. Leetta Cooper

    Even Though I have felt Lennox was Killed Months ago, this still hurts, I mourn for this poor Furbaby and his family. I PRAY for BSL to end and the BCC should pay for the injustice done to Lennox, The BCC Has lied to the world and should pay for their Crime of Murder.

  17. Terri

    Lori, you are so right. I am bawling right now at your inspirational words to Lennox and to his family. I am still praying for a last minute reprieve, but if not, at least he will no longer be in a cold cell. We must all work to fight BSL…it is cruel and does not even make any common sense.

  18. chimene

    I’m reading this with tears running down my face I have been following this heartbreaking story of Lennox from South Africa. My heart goes out to his family, what a terrible world we live in when u get killed/murdered because of how you look. Lennox as I sit typing this have a candle burning for you dear sweet boy. When you do go across the rainbow bridge you will also meet my best friend Scooby and he will welcome you. I’m so ashamed to be a human right now. Sweet sweet Lennox you will be with the Angels and away from those horrible humans.

  19. FDM

    I promise you Lennox i will do my all to show love , empathy and kindness in the fight against BSL . my efforts will be firmly fixed on asking those in power to repeal BSL were ever in the world it maybe and not at those who are powerless to change this law . this is my gift to you for what you have given me . Dogbless you dear Lennox with love from your Fairy Dogmother :)XXXXX

  20. i cant begin to say how gutted i am that blind ignorance has lead to a much loved family dog being snatched n murdered not even being given the chance to say bye or given the final courtesy to let them have his body to bury themselves a box of ashes sent to them that could be any dogs not their beloved Lennox. It is like the final insult to injury . Governments need to think about this bsl do we put down all dogs that bits or get aggressive ? we would soon have none left , this need to be addressed with people who know about dogs not people who listen to all the hype

  21. I could say many things on how I feel but then that would lower my behaviour to well below the exceptional standard displayed throughout this sorry ordeal by Lennox. Your suffering was taken without retaliation, even when you Had reason to. You are a great role model. Your legacy is to provide a moral platform to through the BSL idiocracy from.

  22. Patrice Taylor

    I take this as personal as if they were to kill my dog. We have been so emotionally invested in what happens to Lennox, He is ALL of our dog!! We love you and pray for you to have strength during this sad and difficult time. Long Beach, California loves you and Lennox!

  23. what a lovely heartfelt letter as i write this reply the tears are falling for lennox and his familyif i am in this state i can’t imagine how lennox and his family are i really feel for them and am hoping for a miricle xxx

  24. hayley perkins

    Hi Lori, this explains exactly how we all feel and you said it beautifully …I hope in the 11th hour a miracle happens .
    Hayley x

  25. Mark Pultorak

    Lennox … I don’t know you, but I love you little guy. If you cross that Rainbow Bridge please say hi to my Mickey who crossed that same bridge in October of 2010 at age 21. Stay strong little one. So many love you.

  26. Ashley Pollock

    Lori, I couldn’t have said this better myself…. While I never got love Lennox in person I loved him as if he was one of my own from afar… This whole story breaks my heart and I have streaming down my face as I type this. I am blessed to live in a place where there is no BSL ban and am blessed to have my Penny Lane the pit mix pup who is so warm and living I can’t believe there are people who judge by breed alone. To Lennox, my dear sweet sweet boy… Be strong and find peace in knowing that if our miracle doesn’t come that soon you will be with your family again if only in spirit…. Find my Duffy boy up there on the Bridge, he has special instructions from me to give you love and to teach you how to use your new beautiful ^wings^…. Rest in peace sweet boy and know your death is not in vain for all of us army members will fight to find such a horrible thing as BSL!

  27. Nancy Garabrandt-White

    Lori I couldn’t stop crying over your words. Very poignant and from the heart. I pray that Lennox is given an 11th hour reprieve but you wrote what we have all been thinking and scared to verbalize. Our Army for Lennox will go on, I also pray that the Army will not dissolve now that we are coming to a close on our fight for our boy Lennox. I for will will keep marching on. Please let me help you in any way that I can. Lennox Army Member Nancy

  28. I have been a supporter of Lennox for a few months. Like you, my pets are my babies and I can’t imagine the pain the Barnes family are going through at the moment. Thank you for the letter, although I had tears in my eyes reading it, it also gave me hope that we can reverse BSL and save some other family the heartbreak of losing a family member. I unfortunately think that Lennox died long ago due to neglect and BCC are trying to cover it up. There is no other logical reason for not allowing the family to say goodbye or to let Lennox be rehomed or to even let the Barnes family have Lennox back to bury. Nobody outside of BCC has actually seen Lennox in 2 years. The only good part of that is that the poor boy isn’t suffering anymore and hopefully knows we’re not all cruel. I will keep the fight going to save other dogs, but with the last push of emails and vigils I have a glimmer of hope that I’m wrong and Lennox will be saved at the last minute xxx

  29. I have followed this story with love and interest since I heard about Lennox. It is close to my heart as I live in the UK and also have a family pet in kennels on death row because of the BSL law 😦

  30. Linda De Veylder

    so beautiful…thank you for these words… this is a night of tears and it will be a long one…But let us continue the fight,like you said… and fight for a new law : Lennox Law….Lennox Army Member Linda

  31. Maureen Bauer

    My heart is breaking … all over again. The words, I am so sorry are so inadequate. I’ve prayed and hoped along with thousands of others, that Lennox’s life would be spared so he could go home and spend the rest of his years with those who loved him. For some horribly stupid reason, that is not meant to be.
    Dear sweet Lennox….please know that you WERE loved, while you were here on earth. Not only by your family, but by countless others. I know the last years were rough. I know you must have wondered “why” you were locked away from your friends and family. I’m sure your heart ached for those you were no longer allowed to see.
    But please know, you were not willingly forsaken. Your family and others fought for your return for they missed you till their own hearts ached. Soon, all that will be over, and you will run free in paradise. No more loneliness or hurt. Others will greet you there. Perhaps my own dear sweet girl, D’Arcy will meet you at the bridge and gently play with you. She has not been there long, dear Lennox. The Angels came to take her away only 7 weeks ago. My tears for her have not stopped since she’s been gone, but I believe she, like you, will be reunited with her human family, someday. May you two walk together till that day arrives….and know that you WERE indeed loved. ❤ ❤ ❤

  32. jm

    to our boy lennox we are sorry for what happened! it was never your fault, you are so dear and loyal… words cannot express how sad i am to hear this… though i have never seen you in real life, from the stories, it feels like you are a part of me! the whole world faught for you! we did not lose this battle… what happened to you opened our eyes to who the real monsters are… tears and prayers for you big boy! it’s time for you to rest and live happily in eternity! you faught hard and you faught long enough… you made your owners proud up to the last minute! i will meet you someday! i’ll see you in heaven! Love you big boy lennox 😦 – one of lennox army from the philippines ❤ jm2pretty

  33. Corina Duperray

    After reading this very touching and emotional letter tears are running from my eyes and I feel so sad but at the same time very angry for the cruelty, lack of compassion and malicious actions towards an innocent dog! And wonder why they refused to let the family or any body else to see Lennox..! Are desperately hidden him or perhaps hidden the truth that he is not alive….!

  34. Eva Exarchou

    I had never thought before that innocent animals and innocent families could suffer and could be tortured from “civilised” laws! Shame on you Ireland! This is a real crime, and you ‘re but a simple unhesitating murderer!!!

  35. Thank you for those amazing words. As the Shout member of the Amry I’m in tears and prayers at the same moment. When and if Lennox Cross I hope my Molly and Tia great him as well. Dianne Lennox shouter.

  36. Dayna

    Tears from Texas….buckets of them. At least Lennox’s soul can now be free. And with the Lennox Army, his death will not have been in vain. God bless each and every one of you…and especially our sweet Lennox.

  37. Sherri Christopher

    Thank you Lori, I too promise that this FIGHT has only just begun and I will do my part to end BSL. Dear Sweet Lennox my heart is broken and I promise you ,that you did not have to suffer and die in vain, We will rise up together as the Lennox Army and band together to end BSL Everywhere. Right Army of LENNOX !!!!!

  38. Jan Littlejohn

    That was a beautiful letter. I am still crying. You have a wonderful heart, and if I can stand beside you in the fight against BSL whatever Lennox’s outcome is, I will. Just tell me what to do.
    Personally, I think the Belfast CC is trying to prove a point and they probably think that if they surrender Lennox, there will be more people who will follow suit.
    The biggest disappointment is my heritage connection to Ireland. I have always been proud of that, but now I’m not so sure. They have shown a disgrace. Nonetheless, I am proud to be an American!
    Standing with you for Lennox,

  39. I am heartbroken for Lennox, his loving family and all his loyal supporters. THIS AIN’T OVER, we must keep fighting in the name of Lennox and all the other dogs who have and are suffering through BSL. WE MUST WIN THIS WAR ~ END BSL.

  40. Tracy Butler

    God Bless you Lori!!!! Your an awesome & strong person to be able to write that letter and not have hate in your heart for those people. Its so hard to hear and see how people are towards animals and not hate them or want to retaliate but I understand to do that would be putting ourselves down on their level and that doesnt help the animals. God bless you and all your helpers and all the other people and organizations that are doing everything they can to help!! Rescuers Rock!!!

  41. Janet Royle

    Tears just won’t stop coming!!!

    And I’d like to mention to Lennox that my American Bully Chester will be there stood shoulder to shoulder with Ringo waiting to welcome this weary warrior home xxx I am so sorry we couldn’t do more Lennox …… But I am still praying for a miracle xxx

  42. susan

    Oh, but there will be hatred. If they kill the hostage, then they’ve earned it. I for one will not sit around and wish hearts and flowers for them. I will not threaten, of course, because that would expose me to legal harm. But I will tell each and every one of them that I can find a way to identify and contact, exactly how I hope their children suffer and die before their eyes, leaving them to end their days alone and neglected in a flithy place with no love in sight. It’s the least I can do for them, to remind them that when they are suffering, they, unlike the dog they chose to torment and kill, have earned every single second of misery, fear, grief, and loneliness that they experience for the rest of their lives. And I wish them joy of it. Actions have consequences, and the next dog killing bureaucrat needs to know that. If they’ve got a few gone before them that collapsed or killed themselves after their bad behavior, so much the better for the next lot to understand why they should choose a different path.

  43. Heather

    Dear God, please don’t let Lennox die because of human stupidity and ignorance.

    Lennox, should you wake tomorrow at the most beautiful bridge you will ever see, my girl Scamp will be there to welcome you with open paws.

  44. sharon ann hopper

    Well said! But , as an older person who has seen way too much animal abuse , and not enough justice, i will till yhe day i die,hold the bcc of ni in contempt! I will never again honor my irish heritage! I will boycott amything that supports ni, i will never forget the innate brutslity the lies the coverups thelsundry list of egregious wrongs done at the hand of thes subhuman cretins!

  45. Deborah "Dusty" Debandi

    We must continue to fight for the rights of all animals and to abolish the BSL Law for all the Lenoxx’s yet to come. We must not remain silent and allow our cause to dwindle away. It is difficult not to be outraged at the injustices that this pup went thru, as well as the little girl who loved Lennox so much as well as the family that is grieving also. Lennox managed to work his way into the living rooms and into the hearts of thousands of people all around the world. We must not forget that it is Lennox that paid the ultimate price so that we could promote knowledge to those who do not understand that there are no bad dogs……..just uninformend and uneducated people. We will not give up trying to educate so that Lennox’s spirit will live on. Lenoxx will not die in vain. We will miss you sweet boy and we will carry on your plight to fight for the right to live. Hoorah!

  46. That was so beautiful ..and so sad…my heart is breaking right now for this innocent victim…and my eyes are crying at full force…I too, also felt as though I knew Lennox even though we never met.When I first heard about what happened to you,I knew in my heart I had to try to help you,even though I live very far away.In time I grew to love you just as I do my own dogs…and I will fight to the very end for your freedom.You will forever remain in my heart…LOVE and PRAYERS forever in my heart for you my sweet LENNOX.

  47. I am in tears reading this like so many others have prayed sent emails and hoped that a miracle would happen. Lennox will never be forgotten and his murder will not make this disappear as the BCC obviously hope it will in condemning Lennox they have condemned themselves and the people of Belfast it was somewhere one day i had hoped to visit now I can put my hand on my heart and say I will NEVER put foot in that place or spend a single penny to benefit any business there until each person responsible for this atrocity has been removed from office. As a UK tax payer I am insulted they believe they have the right to spend my money committing perjury and murder fo an innocent animal

  48. Penny Karstedtringo

    Thank you for sharing..I couldnt finish reading this without sobbing..yes sobbing…please God, bless this lil one with a miracle…if it be your will…let his light shine as a beacon that there is still hope in a world of hate and ignorance… Texas and all the world has you in its prayers in Their hearts. I love you Lennox!!!!!!!

  49. anna

    Your letter to Lennox is beautiful and I too wait for that 11th hour miracle. Im sure I will be awake at 2 waiting and hoping that someone comes forward to stop their savagery to that family. My heart goes out to that little girl and that whole family.

  50. Beautiful!
    I have been angry, but after reading this I know I would not honor Lennox if I hold hate in my heart. We will continue to fight in a loving peaceful way?
    Bless you,
    Shawn (Mom) and Winston the Wirehaired Terrier

  51. That was so beautiful!!! You moved me to tears and brought me to my knees…..I too am hoping for a miracle for Lennox….but should that not happen, I will continue to support anyone, including you to get BSL banned once and for all….We are their voice, and Lennox is and was our inspiration and strength to caring on in his name for others that need our help….God bless you and the countless others from all over the world who joined together as one in the fight…..Lena, New Jersey

  52. I am sorry my heart is breaking for Lennox and I can’t not hate the people who are arragant who want to kill him rather than let him go.I have fought from the beginning doing what I can and I will fight even if our LENNOX is gone to change the laws of BSL.But I can’t support the Belfast Council no matter what. I will never visit Northern Ireland and will boycott anything from there as that is my way of standing up for LENNOX and any other country who does this I will boycott. This is who I am but I still will go on doing what I can to save animals around the world.If by chance Lennox you go the Rainbow Bridge pease look for my baby boy MARMADUKE who I lost on Jan.16th, 2012 from Sarcoma Cancer and give him this message. Mama loves her BooBoo and missed him so much even after 6 mth.s I still can’t sleep without him.

  53. Nikki

    My thoughts and prayers are with Lennox, as he enters the playground for puppy’s. I will continue to have hope that someone will change their mind before it’s too late

  54. skgharley@suddenlink.net

    Lennox, we love you! My 2Gsd,s Colt & Kendie also are your friends. If we lose this fight, we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. If.God keeps you here with us, we will always be checking on you!

  55. Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman

    In tears, Lori, I thank you for this very thoughtful and compassionate post. Just like Lennox and his family, your words have truly touched my heart and I will ALWAYS be a member of the Lennox Army, until we ensure that no family, anywhere, ever has to go through such a horror again. In Toronto, Canada where I live, there is a pit bull ban but at least they can be kept if muzzled and they can be rehomed. Not perfect but, obviously, better than Belfast. All that being said, I AM NOT GIVING UP ON LENNOX!!!!! There is always the Queen, and there is also the possible change of heart of politicians who have been trying to prove a point but who may acknowledge that they have done that and, realize that Lennox does not have to be sacrificed. I am hoping and praying. Please keep me informed about your ongoing efforts. Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman

  56. Kristin Joy VanGuilder

    Lori you are amazing. Thank you for being so brave and courageous. This world needs you. Whatever I can do to help in any way that I can please let me know. I have 7 rescues one of whom is a pit bull and he is the sweetest baby I know. Love love love. Prayers for you and Lennox. I live on Lenox Street in fact. There will be a candle lit at 2am est for Lennox on Lenox St. in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Kristin Joy


  57. my darling my heart breaks with yours and your loss will be felt by so many i am sorry i didnt know your darling boy he will be safe there and waiting for you to join him i am so very very sorry that ignorance and stupity of a few humans can lead to law to cull innocent and often lovable pets
    there is something wrong with this world – they dont cull those who turn the innocent – my prayers for your strength go out to you , love and light to you all and those babies that need our help, blessed be for what you try to do x kim x

  58. jesmedebi

    thank you Lori for this.. i believe the Lennox army should stay together, we need to fight for Lennox and BSL..
    this made me cry even more, i can not think of losing this fight after 2 yrs, not even the fight but losing our beloved Lennox…
    my heart is aching, i am angry,confused and am at a loss for words,
    Dear Lennox,
    you never met me, and me you, but i want you to know i love you, the world loves you,
    please know this.. we will never forget you never, and us as an army of humans who fell in love with you will continue to fight for this and other causes…
    much love to you Lennox.. ..

  59. Lori, then its really over? we lost? my heart is so broken, I dont know what to say how are we to save these dogs when we couldnt save one that never hurt anyone? Iam just so sad right now Like you Ill fight the fight but this stinks .Like you I hope we all can hold our tempers but its really going to be hard I love the letter to Lennox from you I hope and pray Lennox could remember the love he once had He may be gone BUT HE NEVER WILL BE FORGOTTEN R.I.P MY FRIEND YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOULL BE MISSED BY MANY

  60. Well written and it conveys the way we all feel sending love, prayers and comfort to Lennox and his family. We all hold him in our hearts along with all who will lose their lives because of stupidity (whether that is BSL, lack of S/N, cruelty, fighting rings, etc.). The fight is just beginning and we WILL win!!

  61. Kelly Rauch

    Thank you Lori! This somehow makes it fell okay in this dark hour. I am so sad for Lennox and his family and for all of us. But he will be with my two kitties – Shadow and Arnold and my dog Toby. My living dogs Caleb and Maxine know that his life and his death will never be in vain. We love you Lennox! If there is anything I can do from the US, please let me know.

  62. Sophie

    Oh my. This is so beautiful. Thank you for raising the call for us to come together and stay focused on helping all the misunderstood and mistreated dogs. And thank you for your loving words to poor sweet Lennox. I am weeping.

  63. At this moment, I find it difficult to not hate. We let murders, rapists and pedafiles out on the street but we lock up an animal for two years with out hope and love and family because he looks like a BSL animal. Shame on you Belfast. I pray you never find another resful nights sleep with this murder on your hands. For you Lennox, I will forgive, but never forget.

  64. Sonya Vilvens

    This is beautifully written Lori!! I’m speechless and in tears at the moment so it is hard for the words to come. ❤

  65. Couldn’t have said anymore , a beautiful letter , I myself many years ago while walking my large bull terrier Tyson was stopped by police and asked if he was a pit bull , after showing all docs to them it was all ok but that shows even back then in the 80 s this awful legislation existed . My thoughts are with all the dogs and family’s to which this has happened to xxx

  66. Angela Lonero

    A beautiful, heroic tribute for a beautiful hero Lennox ❤ May you finally be free of the pain you have needlessly had to endure
    You will never be forgotten sweet angel
    Run free over the rainbow bridge Lennox
    And may you rest in peace amongst the clouds ❤

  67. I have followed the campaign for Lennox with baited breath, I still find it unbelievable that a perfectly stable, family animal can be taken away simply because his ‘measurements’ didn’t get him a pass. I myself have what can only be described as a risky animal, I have to take great pains with him to ensure the safety of others while making sure he also has good quality of life because he is fantastic with my family, and our pet that I cannot bear to let go, yet he is a springer crossed cocker spaniel, what should have been one of the most friendly animals alive, yet he has people issues, A dog should be judged on its behaviour, not wether its head/body are one or two millimetres bigger/smaller than the officials say it should be. I hope justice wins out for Lennox and other dogs suffering because of the so called ‘rules’. And I am grateful for people like yourself, who are determined that his story should be told.

  68. so very sad…..have petitioned…e-mailed so many times….but if you’re to cross over that bridge….so be it….it is better than where you have been for the last two years….no love…your condition has deteriorated…tears for you my friend….still hoping at this the final moment

  69. What a beautiful letter, I wept as I read it. BSL is an abomination of the highest order, an excuse to erase these animals that humanity has bred for its own pleasure and then become frightened of. God Bless Lennox, whatever happens now is in Gods hands. I only hope these beaurocrats will eventually come to understand and feel some of the pain they have caused to Lennox and his loved ones.
    For Lori, keep up the fight, you are a very special advocate.
    Love and light always
    Maxine x

  70. tammy

    Beautifully said !!!! Anger is not the answer. That energy needs to be transformed into a positive passion. Animals come into our lives and teach us many things. I hope Lennox will be the one to create positive change with the help pf your organization. Even though he was locked away alone I know he felt and received all the love and prayers that were being sent to him. I know angels are there to help him and may he cross the rainbow bridge with dignity to a beautiful place where there is only love. God Bless all of you and God bless you Lennox.

  71. Beautifully written Lori!! You have summed up my feelings into words, and I Thank you for that! My thoughts & prayers go out with love to all who fought this fight, to Lennox’s family, may peace & love for Lennox fill your hearts, remembering the awesome boy that he is! To Lennox: You rock puppy & the love of the world is with you, please tell my boy Murphy that he is remembered everyday & loved to pieces, just like you!! RIP Lennox 😦

  72. karen mitchell

    People failed you sweet boy,but you were Loved by so many! Your family Never gave up fighting for you!! The Love they had for you made the WORLD LOVE you. You became the Worlds boy an we loved you dearly.R.I.P Sweet Lennox. Go play at that Bridge,know that we loved you 😥

  73. Dearest Lori,

    I agree with everything you have said in this very touching letter, and especially your words to dear Lennox. I to do not intend to forget and I am looking to fund a law suit against BCC if I can get the Barnes family to agree. I believe that they failed in a duty of care to look after him and keep him in rhe condition he was when he was first incarcerated. By not doing so they passed judgement on him before the final court case, this is unacceptable, and for this we are in consultation with lawyers.

    Kindest regards

  74. fro3enfire

    And I thought I was the tough guy. We guy in India are taught since birth that guys cant cry. But today after the news broke about Lennox. A tear fell from my eyes. I never cried ever before even when my grandma passed away. Even though I never personally met Lennox or his family. My heart wept for them. Just after reading the news I wrote an article myself. May god bless you.

  75. To all of the Patrick Hero’s… I want to thank all of you for the support and words from the Lennox Army. for myself I have help support the Barn’s family since the very start of it. Just think and remember they came to the wrong address. She saw Lennox, and asked if she could messure him. She didn’t there and asked to take Len, and of course they and all of us would want to follow the law. It was the very last time they ever say Lennox again. I believe myself to be a peaceful person, kind, and gentle, yet here the BCC had bomb threats all day long and had to leave the building ever time. MADE ME FEEL damn good. For Lennox this just has to end, for one day it could be someone knocking on our door. It might be one of your, or mine that someone could take. I’am so greatful for Lennox and the Barn’s family they put the world together in one HELL of a fight, people from all over this world were talking and working as one. For just a fraction of time, we put aside color, race and religion. And all for the love of this family and LEN. Thank you all.

  76. Julia Stavrietsky

    ATTENTION, ACTION NEEDED: We must reach out to The Wright Stuff, a very influential UK TV topical debates daily show on Channel 5. Please post on their wall and against the cover photo that you would like to see Victoria Stilwell as a guest to discuss the atrocities of BLS and the recent events in Belfast. PEOPLE, PLEASE POST, POST, POST!!! If we get Victoria on this show this will be amazing!

  77. Lyn Higgins


  78. karen mitchell

    😥 You sweet Lennox became the Worlds boy. We lost you an our hearts break,tears flow. You were Loved by so many that didn’t know you, we hugged you daily an prayed for you sweet boy. Go play on that bridge,be free,watch over your loving family who Never stopped fighting for you!! We will fight for justice for you sweetie – we will not stop,you will Never be forgotten!! ❤

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